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Wish it were real? Part II

We ordered a fake Alien perfume from Wish


With a bargain being so hard to come by, people are turning to marketplaces like Wish to get expensive beauty products and fragrances at a significantly lower price than they usually sell for.

We recently wrote about the process of ordering fragrances from Wish, and how keen we were to see what actually turned up. Could it be that sellers are making passable fakes that trick buyers into thinking they have received the real product? Or are the products legit and just genuinely cheaper to produce?

How long did it take to receive the perfume?

The perfume took quite a while to be delivered.  The order was placed on the 18th of February 2020 and then the delivery date got pushed back from the 16th of March to the 23rd, and got delivered on the 21st. Due to the coronavirus pandemic this might not have been the fault of the seller. As the seller was from China it was inevitable it would take a bit longer than usual with all of this going on in the world.

Considering there are many other sellers and E-Commerce sites that could deliver more quickly, it might not have been worth the wait just to save some money if we needed the perfume for a set date.

(The item took a while to come - image source Wish.com)

Where did the perfume come from?

The perfume came from a seller called SUNQUANA, in Guangdong in China. If you visit this sellers page you will see that they seem to specialise in fragrances. The shipping was very cheap for an item that had come from so far away, and only cost £5.

It’s hard to tell whether a perfume is real or not when browsing online, but if the shop sells a number of different perfumes by different designers, it could be quite easy to be fooled into thinking this is a proper third-party seller of the fragrance.

There was text on the packaging that looked legitimate .

What did we receive?

We received a fairly well-packaged perfume. There wasn’t anything to outwardly suggest this perfume was not authentic. Like many other fragrances, this had quite a nice box came packed in cellophane. However when you take a closer look at the outer box, you can see that the image quality is terrible.

It looks very much like the seller has taken an image from the internet and printed it onto the box, in a very low quality. The outer packaging has terrible image quality once you get close-up.

When it came to the bottle, it was again very close to an authentic version of the product. The spray mechanism seemed to be broken, but it did follow the way an authentic Alien perfume would have their spray bottle work exactly. It broke quite easily, which is perhaps a sign that this perfume bottle was made very cheaply.

While at quick look, everything seems to be in order, there are some very strong suggestions this is not authentic. First of all, as previously mentioned, the spray mechanism broke straight away. Secondly, although this does smell similar, it is not exactly the same. Also, even though this is advertised as “Eau de Parfum” which usually lasts a long time, the fragrance goes very quickly, which is another indicator this was very cheaply made.

Is the product authentic?

It’s hard to tell if the product is authentic or not, as the packaging looks very authentic. However, the price and the actual quality of the product received make it quite clear this is not authentic, although it is a very good fake. To the naked eye, browsing online, this would look like a perfectly legitimate version of the perfume. But it isn't until you dig a little deeper you realise there are some things that highlight this would have been made on a very low budget, which is how the seller can afford to sell it for such a small fraction of the usual price.

This could very easily be your product, and people could think fakes like this are the real product they are receiving from you. This is why it is vital to ensure you have a digital brand protection strategy.

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