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May your WISH come true? Part I

We tested the marketplace with two fragrances


Everyone has a “signature scent”. But fragrances can be expensive, especially the ones by well-known fashion designers. It’s little wonder people are turning to shopping platforms like Wish to find a cheaper alternative. But if you order cheaper products, are they really authentic?

Ordering perfume from Wish

We picked a perfume by Thierry Mulger, Alien, to put to the test. When you browse this perfume on Wish, you will find that there are a number of perfumes available, but they are all different prices. It’s easy to assume that the lower priced ones are not authentic, and the higher priced ones are, but is that the case?

Wish used to be famous for only offering counterfeit products, and very cheap generic products. But now they have become more famous, especially with their increase in TV advertising, they do offer the real product in some instances. The trouble is, it’s hard for the customer to tell whether the product is genuine or not. Would you know an authentic fragrance from a dupe?

(Here are some of the perfumes that come up under the “Alien” search - image source Wish.com)

How easy is it to order from Wish?

Ordering from Wish is really simple. You can sign in using a Facebook account, and then just add in card details when you make your first purchase. One of the things we found was that the cheaper products had a really long shipping time, so perhaps this is one of the compromises?

(We placed the order on the 18th of February, so as you can see this shipping time is a full month - image source Wish.com)

We also made an order for one of the more expensive Alien perfumes on sale, which could be an authentic one due to the higher price.

(As you can see the more expensive product has a slightly shorter shipping time - image source Wish.com)

Will we receive an authentic product?

In our next article in this series, we will analyse the products we receive to see if one or more of them is an authentic Thierry Mugler perfume. Make sure you are following our blog so you don’t miss the conclusion to this.

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