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Will Amazon run a second Prime Day in 2022? YES!

A second Prime day of the year takes place in the fall of 2022. Find out all you need to know about it, as well as what kind of threats and opportunities it poses for your brand.

The already busy fall shopping season (starting with back-to-school sales in late August and ending with Boxing Day sales after Christmas) seems to have gained a new addition. Amazon sent an internal memo to its sellers about a second Prime day, called Prime Fall, to be held sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022. Although at the time of writing this article the official date is yet to be announced, sellers already had to submit their proposed special offers to Amazon by the end of July.

+++ Update September 2022 +++

Amazon announced the date: the second set of Prime shopping extravaganza in 2022 will occur on 11-12 October.

This is the first time Amazon has held two Prime days in one year. The intention behind it may be to boost Prime membership, and/or to increase Amazon’s overall sales after its less than stellar quarterly results for Q1 2022.

What is Prime day

As its name suggests, Prime day offers extravagant limited-time sales deals exclusively to Amazon Prime members. Launched in 2015 to commemorate Amazon’s 20th birthday, Prime day brings significant discounts and flash sales across all product categories to Prime members worldwide.

Screenshot of Amazon.com/primeday
Screenshot of Amazon.com/primeday

In 2022, the original Prime day was held on 12-13 July in over 20 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia and Singapore. According to Amazon’s own reports of the event, customers have purchased more than 300 million items over the course of the day, making this the biggest Prime day ever. The most popular categories were home equipment, consumer electronics, fashion and Amazon Devices.

Third-party sellers and brands can also participate in the event. 2022 marks the first year where Amazon itself earned a smaller share of the proceedings than its selling partners.

Although its target audience is exclusively Amazon Prime members, Prime day can be easily compared to other shopping events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These latter two, held in late November around Thanksgiving in the US, are undoubtedly bigger when it comes to target audience (anybody with a wallet), but the product categories on offer are similar.

Traditionally, Black Friday meant in-person shopping while Cyber Monday focused on electronics and online sales. Nowadays, both events have widened their scope. With Black Friday embracing e-Commerce, a significant portion of the day’s sales come from online and Cyber Monday now includes products other than electronics.

While these shopping events are often beneficial for brands (discounts mean more shoppers, creating an opportunity to win new customers), they also pose significant dangers that are not to be ignored. The probability of fakes, grey market products and any other IP infringements are higher due to the sheer volume of transactions happening within a very short time.

Prime Fall against falling sales

For the first time in seven years, the first quarter of 2022 brought in a loss for Amazon. The company’s quarterly report declared a net loss of $3.8 billion, which is especially painful when compared to the net income of $8.1 billion of the same period last year.

The reasons behind this are many-fold. The war in Ukraine and the rising costs of living come on top of the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All these and more could be urging consumers to save their money or spend it elsewhere, like on travel and entertainment.

Introducing a second Prime day may be a good way to invigorate consumer spending. Prime day is usually a big success for Amazon: in 2019, it has generated $7.16 billion in sales, which has grown to $10.4 billion in 2020, $11.2 billion in 2021 and $12 billion in 2022.

Grafic of the growth in sales volume of Amazon Prime Days from 2019 to 2022
Grafic of the growth in sales volume of Amazon Prime Days from 2019 to 2022

Although the growth in sales volume has been slowly declining over the years, Prime day is still a big motivator for members to open their wallets.

So much so that other companies have started to catch up to the practice of offering short-term sales deals. For example, Mediamarkt has run a “3 Days of Madness” sale at the end of June with massive discounts on around 18,000 products, including laptops, smartphones, watches and TV-s from brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Siemens and Lenovo.

How discount battles harm your IP rights

Black Friday, Prime day & Co can definitely provide your brand and authorized sellers with stellar opportunities. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd, especially on mega-sales days like these, but with the right strategy, your brand has a great chance to reach new customers.

Unfortunately, the same goes for fraudsters. The operators of counterfeit, lookalike, grey market and other IP infringing listings can have a field day stealing customers from right under your nose. And with all the crazy discounts and sales extravaganza, the usual telltale signs like unbelievably good prices may not even stand out as much as they normally would.

Also, vigilance by the marketplace itself may not be up to its usual standards; after all, they have their hands full with the stellar transaction volumes.

A sales sign in a shop window
A sales sign in a shop window

All in all, Prime day and the rest can only be beneficial for your brand if you watch out for the pitfalls. Luckily, you don’t have to do that by yourself.

Online brand protection on Prime day

Just like on any other day, globaleyez is ready to tackle the challenges created by IP infringing content on Prime day, Black Friday & Co. Our sophisticated software tools, including traxster and infrimage can easily handle the increased volume of transactions that occur on these days.

Take our marketplace monitoring service, for instance. Our trademark protection experts, using both manual and software-based searches, detect IP infringing listings. Thanks to advanced filtering options, we can quickly and efficiently narrow our searches down to real infringing content and create in-depth reports for you.

Since fraudsters often use trademark-protected imagery to entice customers, our image monitoring service is an essential addition to marketplace monitoring. The methodology is similar: through systematic reverse-image searches, we detect IP infringing content that we then continue to narrow down via extensive filters.

Additionally, a round or two of social media monitoring may be beneficial prior to Prime day to detect any fraudulent ads that harm your brand’s rights on social media platforms.

On Prime day, we can run test purchases for you to learn as much about a product’s origins as possible and provide you with court-admissible evidence about the sellers. This is especially important if we suspect the existence of grey market structures that seriously harm your distribution network.

To find out if a business partner of yours is not sticking to their contract, we recommend our partner compliance service. Various methods, ranging from software-based monitoring to in-person mystery shopping contribute to our findings which we share with you via extensive reports.

Finally, if our services confirm that a listing, ad, image, or any other type of content infringes upon your brand’s IP rights, we can enforce your rights and demand a takedown. Timely action is especially important in the case of Prime day, Black Friday, etc, when even more consumers may come into contact with the harmful content than usual.


Make the most of sales days like Prime day while avoiding their pitfalls for your brand’s IP rights, reputation and revenue. Contact globaleyez and let’s come up with an effective strategy together.

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