Why monitoring app stores can help your brand maintain its value

App stores pose a lot more dangers to your brand’s IP rights and reputation that you’d think. Discover why that is the case and how globaleyez can protect your brand.

Issues that demand App Monitoring

Even if your brand doesn’t produce apps, copyright infringement may still pose a threat for you in app stores. Fraudsters can set up an app in your brand’s name and ask its users for legal documents or financial data that endangers your customers’ safety.

Unauthorized games and wallpapers can show your brand in a negative light. Or even older versions of your own apps can pose a security risk.

App monitoring is necessary if you want to keep your brand’s assets and your customers’ data safe.

Image of smartphone and tablet apps
Brand protection experts working on App Monitoring Service using a Tablet and a Smartphone

App Monitoring by globaleyez

We cover all major app stores like Google Play and the Apple App store along with many minor stores, mainly with a regional profile. Regional app stores in Russia or China have a wide reach in their region where copyright infringing apps may regularly surface.

We tailor the selection of app stores to monitor to your unique requirements.