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What is a Test Purchase

Discover how globaleyez’s test purchase service works and how we fight against IP-infringing scenarios like grey market products, knock-offs and any related problems that harm your brand.

Many people associate the word “test” with their schooldays. Today, sadly, we hear this word regularly in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. But to us at globaleyez, test purchases don’t mean buying COVID tests en masse (and definitely not buying school tests).

Instead, the term refers to one of our strongest pillars of online brand protection.

Test purchase 101

Quite simply put, a test purchase is when a brand requests us to buy their branded product from a certain seller. A call for a test purchase always leads back to a larger, underlying issue: the online presence of a brand. When something disturbs the image a brand wants to project about itself online, a test purchase is one of the best ways to get to the root of the problem. Many causes may contribute to this problem, including:

A shopper looking at a product sold at a discounted price
A shopper looking at a product sold at a discounted price

To fight against these issues that disturb the intended presentation of branded products and therefore can affect consumers' perception, we do a test purchase. This service allows us to learn valuable information about the origin and quality of a product and the behaviour of a seller. Thanks to this, test purchases set us on the path that eventually leads to the removal of copyright infringing listings, and even the potential prosecution of perpetrators.

How does it work

Our client-centred test purchase service allows for maximum flexibility and convenience. We work as a one-stop-shop, doing everything from start to finish and presenting our clients with tangible results, including actionable, expert advice.

The basis of our workflow is our test purchase database which is available for our client to review and make comments on. This database contains up-to-date information about every test purchase conducted for the client in question, allowing them to closely follow the process and make requests.

A test purchase can be initiated when a client requests it, or when we discover certain anomalies during our marketplace monitoring service that warrants further investigations. The road from first request to action is short and fast: depending on the product and market, all our test purchases are initiated within 48 hours or even less.

We conduct test purchases both on- and offline, in over 50 countries, including the major markets of Europe, South East Asia, and America. We buy both physical and digital products, and depending on the nature of the product as well as the location of the marketplace, our delivery times vary from 2-3 days (purely digital products) to 2-3 weeks (physical products from distant locations).

Image of a customer browses products in a fashion store
Image of a customer browses products in a fashion store

We don’t buy the products in our own name, as that would certainly tip the seller off. Instead, we have researchers in the field who - in the case of B2C purchases - are able to initiate the purchases as regular customers, both on- and offline.

In case of a B2B purchase, we employ cover companies that appear as credible business partners, which means that regardless of the business scenario, sellers won’t realize they’re being tested.


In the course of a test purchase, we document everything, starting from the products listing displayed on the marketplace. Our time-stamped records and pictures are admissible in court, which helps our clients with eventual prosecution (if they opt for it).

Our documentation includes the original listing with a digital time stamp, all communication received from the seller, purchase confirmation, payment data and procedure, any information about the process of shipping, and images of the product as we received it.

Finally, we put everything together in a report and draft recommendations for our clients on further action, including takedowns and the enforcement of their copyright.

Our expertise allows us to approach each test purchase carefully and individually. Our service is not limited to marketplaces in the classic sense of the word; in fact, we can buy from social media platforms, chat rooms, even the darknet.


Our clients have various reasons for choosing our test purchase service.

  • Large territories covered - as mentioned before, we buy products in over 50 countries;
  • Scalability - we offer one-off or regular purchases, and we buy one or several dozen products;
  • Speed - we react fast and efficiently to our clients’ requests;
  • Client-oriented process - no hoops to jump through, no cumbersome procedures to follow;
  • Communication - we’re always available and share all the relevant information asap;
Image of delivered boxes
  • Court-admissible documentation - if you want to sue those who infringed on your IP rights and wish to earn back the money you lost in compensation payments;
  • Reliability - our brand protection experts at the office and our researchers in the field are all highly trained, reliable professionals;
  • Actionable advice and follow-up services - after a test purchase, we provide a comprehensive report complete with expert advice on next steps.
Image of unpackaging a delivered box

Long story short...

Our test purchase service is one of the foundations of our comprehensive online brand protection solutions. Our ultimate aim is to guard the entire ecommerce appearance of our clients to ensure their optimal protection in the online world. Test purchases allow us to take a big and essential step towards that goal.

If your brand experiences any issues in the ecommerce space, we’re here to help. Reach out to globaleyez and find out how our comprehensive approach to online brand protection can help your brand thrive.

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