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What is image monitoring?

The online theft of brand imagery and product pictures is a serious problem. It negatively affects both revenue and reputation of a brand. Find out how image monitoring can help protect your brand’s IP assets.

Images constitute a significant part of your brand’s IP assets. Your brand logo, product pictures, and any other imagery protected by copyright or trademark law contribute greatly to how your brand is perceived by customers. No wonder that designing a brand logo or creating a compelling product image takes a long time, effort, and a lot of careful consideration.

Well, stealing them takes just a second. Especially since bots do the “hard part” of the job, collecting all pictures of a website in no time. A blink of an eye and voilà: your brand logo is on the header of a fraudster’s website. Another second has passed, and now your product pictures illustrate a counterfeit listing on Amazon. But yet another second has passed and…

OK, you get the drill. Stealing brand imagery is extremely easy, but finding and deleting stolen images is very hard and time-consuming. For brands. Luckily, online brand protection experts are quite familiar with this challenge and are ready to tackle it.

Image monitoring 101

globaleyez’s image monitoring service is geared towards detecting stolen brand imagery on the internet. This includes logos, product images, and even pictures taken by counterfeiters who try to mime your original images.

Image of brand protection experts working on image monitoring
Image of brand protection experts working on image monitoring

How does it work

The basis of our image monitoring (and all our other) services is the close cooperation between our clients and brand protection experts. After a thorough consultation with you, your dedicated expert feeds the images into our state-of-the-art software tool and launches the service.

Based on your brand’s needs, we can offer continuous, periodical, or even one-off image monitoring. The adjustable filters (e.g. timeframe, domains, full or partial matches, etc.) ensure we can narrow or extend the search to perfectly fit your needs.

Exportable data and expert advice on possible next steps (e.g. further monitoring or enforcement) create a perfectly rounded-out image monitoring service.

Reverse image search vs image monitoring

You can find search tools on the market that offer single reverse image searches. The process is simple enough: you upload an image into the search bar and the software looks for matching pictures online.

You could say, “great! Then I don’t need online brand protection experts at all.” Well, think again. One single reverse image search is exactly that: one single search. Google doesn’t offer periodical or continuous automated searches. Nor does it provide you with extensive filters, analytics, exportable data, and advice on how to proceed against infringing content.

Besides, the results of a simple reverse image search can be quite painful and time-consuming to go through if you don’t have online brand protection expertise.

Screenshot of results of a simple reverse image search in Google
Screenshot of results of a simple reverse image search in Google

The importance of flawless online and marketplace presence

Stolen brand imagery or DIY pictures of counterfeit products can harm brands to a great extent. Obviously, with every unauthorized sale, whether the products in question are counterfeit or grey market, brands are losing revenue. But image monitoring can protect a lot more than mere money.

The bad quality images and products available online can seriously hurt a brand’s reputation, even if both the pictures and products are counterfeit (i.e. none of it is the brand’s fault).

However, the combination of original image and counterfeit product is even worse. In this case, customers may actually believe they’ve purchased an original product, only to be disappointed by its appearance and quality. Sometimes the cheap ingredients and lousy workmanship of counterfeit products can cause serious health problems, even death to its users. Unfortunately, this can all fall back on the brand’s reputation, even if it had nothing to do with the product in question.

And although intangible, a brand’s reputation is worth quite a lot. Which is why we at globaleyez do everything in our power to protect this important asset of our clients.

A spring cleaning of images

How your products are displayed online also reflects on your brand’s reputation. If your original product is stifled by counterfeit listings and bad quality fake images, customers will have a hard time finding it. Not to mention the fact that all the fake pictures that surround it may “taint” your original image, and customers will think twice before putting the corresponding product in their virtual shopping basket.

Picture of a branded swiss army knife surrounded by fakes
Picture of a branded swiss army knife surrounded by fakes

Image monitoring helps you get rid of the junk images stifling your original product pictures, ensuring a flawless online and marketplace presence for your brand. This way, online brand protection can save both your brand’s reputation and bottom line.


Brand imagery and product pictures are valuable assets for every brand. Their production requires a lot of time, effort and investment. Once you’ve invested all that into your imagery, why let counterfeiters and grey marketers steal it? Protecting your IP assets means protecting your investments, your reputation, and ultimately, your brand.

Reach out to us for a consultation about our image monitoring, or any other service.

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