traxster is a state-of-the-art, client-oriented brand protection software. Its powerful functions are paired with a user-friendly interface that allows us to maintain 24/7 communication with our clients.

the traxster workflow in a nutshell

Screenshot of a list of results for Marketplace Monitoring with traxster
Screenshot of a list of results for Marketplace Monitoring with traxster

Working with traxster is fast and easy.

You and your dedicated brand protection expert determine the keywords together. Based on these, continuous search filters are created and fed into traxster. You can set properties like country, product category, seller name, or even pictures.

The software translates each search term into the languages spoken in the chosen countries. Once all is set, traxster runs the search on the marketplaces of your choice and collects the results in a list. spreadsheet.

You can click on any item in the sheet and land on the actual listing in the marketplace, or generate a time-stamped, court-admissible pdf document from it. traxster has proxy-service-functionality, which means that it displays the listing as the marketplace’s customer actually sees it in their own country.

Authorized sellers can be labeled as such, discarding them from the sheet so only relevant results remain.

Data charts, spreadsheets and graphics at your fingertips

Visualisation of data charts, spreadsheets and graphics in traxster
Visualisation of data charts, spreadsheets and graphics in traxster

traxster helps you keep track of all relevant data. Based on your keywords, you can see the top sellers regarding quantity or items sold (according to the capacities of the marketplace in question), in easily understandable chart displays.

The software lists the number of websites indexed by each search engine according to your keywords.

And, of course, you’ll get alerts and messages from us to keep you updated on our process.

Filter options

We record a vast amount of data, but traxster has many filtering options to help you navigate it. With just a few clicks, you can categorise our results to spot the most relevant findings. You can select countries, search terms, price, an individual seller, and much more to help narrow down the results, or group the data according to the criteria you currently need.

Actions and Alerts

Visualisation of actions traxster offers
Visualisation of actions traxster offers

traxster can involve you in the process as much as you want.

You can request us to do takedowns or even initiate them automatically if the marketplace and listing allow it.

You can also request test purchases or anything else, like a company check, an on-site visit, and much more.

traxster keeps you in the loop. You’ll receive email alerts if pre-set conditions are met, like when a monitored seller reappears and starts selling again.

You can choose from multiple options to be alerted about certain important events in a timely manner.