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We conduct test purchases in 50+ countries worldwide. We offer fast and effective service due to our large network, experience and expertise in brand protection. Our processes are streamlined and client-orientated.

What we offer

  • Reliable test purchases in 50+ countries at a flat fee
  • Test purchase tracking tool DASH containing a comprehensive overview about all past and current purchases
  • Quality processes for all your requirements
  • Legally safe documentation
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What we do

A test purchase is the perfect start to eliminating problems like counterfeits, grey market products, copyright infringements, and many other brand protection issues.

As your reliable online brand protection partner we offer a wide variety of services ranging from a single online test purchase to comprehensive mystery shopping programmes that can be conducted worldwide - online and offline, B2C and B2B.

You can track all your past and current test purchases with DASH, our easy-to-use software tool. DASH provides you with extensive, timely and filterable data to keep you up-to-date about all your test purchases.

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If you are interested in a quick and efficient test purchase service, globaleyez is here for you.

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Find here further detailed information and questions that you might have regarding our test purchase service.

Understanding the source of grey market products is key for eliminating them. Conducting test purchases in these markets helps you discover the sources and take action against them.

Many other issues demand test purchases, like copyright and patent infringement, look-alike products, go-to-market research etc.

Let us know your requirements - we bring the solution to the table.

Because we offer you a one-stop-shop for test purchases and all related tasks based on a flat fee model worldwide.

We buy in 50+ countries in both online and physical stores, including the major markets in Europe, South East Asia and the USA. A test purchase at globaleyez means:

  • Fast, effective, and client-oriented process;
  • Court-admissible legal documentation;
  • Physical and digital products (downloads, streams etc.) and their analysis on authenticity, source, etc.;
  • Additional information according to your requirements, such as photographs, images, codes, etc.

We conduct purchases in 50+ countries of the world, including the major markets of the US, UK, China, Germany, all of Europe and most of Latin America and South East Asia.

Kindly request a list of countries we cover.

All our test purchases follow a strict workflow to fulfill all necessary requirements and make them quick, reliable and admissible in court.

We manage this via our own test purchase database which clients can access and review. You can follow the progress of each and every purchase, including budget breakdowns about countries, marketplaces, and even on a product level.

Nearly all test purchases are filed in our Cologne office within 48 hours or quicker if you wish. We can include additional services such as entry of serial codes into your corporate database, product assessment, or any other requirement.

A B2C test purchase covers transactions through websites or online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon for consumers.

For B2B purchases, we use a cover company or identity suitable to reach out to the manufacturer or distributor of the requested products and category.

Most of the time, it is necessary to establish a contact to the target company and act as a credible sales partner.

Our test purchase documentation always includes the related purchase confirmations of the seller, the payment details, waybills of shipment and of course images of the product.

When it comes to online purchases, we always document the offer of the product with a screenshot including a digital time stamp. All our documentation is admissible in court.

A one-time or continuous test purchase is based on and complemented by marketplace monitoring, reverse image monitoring, and marketplace sales tracking. These services sweep the markets to find fraudulent sellers of your products. In addition, we also run background checks on sellers.

Finally, our enforcement service ensures the removal of infringing sellers from marketplaces when a test purchase confirms they are selling counterfeit products.