Takedown vs enforcement

Take a look at the difference between a simple takedown and enforcement and choose the one your brand needs.

The difference

A takedown is the removal of infringing content from the internet. This includes online marketplaces, domains, app stores, search engines, payment providers, social media, and much more.

Enforcement is a takedown complete with court-admissible legal documentation that allows you to enforce your rights in court and win back your lost revenue.

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Why can it be better for your brand to enforce instead of a simple “takedown”?

While a takedown is an effective way to remove IP infringing content, legal enforcement comes with the potential of building a court case.

If you require it in advance, we can create court-admissible documentation to help build your case and win back your lost revenue in the form of damage payments.

A takedown will simply delete the content but won’t give you a chance to get your money back.