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New study: Shopping on “trashy” marketplaces

Will “rubbish” become a serious competitor for high quality goods?

A study by the ECC Cologne has evaluated the buying patterns of online shopping in Germany. The study compared newer marketplaces from Asia with more established platforms, like eBay and Amazon. One of the goals was to determine whether cheaper goods from South East Asia were preferred over those of higher quality and value. Should this be the case, brand protection is one of many branches affected. This is reason enough to take a closer look at the study’s results.  

Wish, AliExpress and other “trashy” marketplaces from Asia have been continuously increasing their turnovers and have long reached Germany too. The study has evaluated whether these new marketplaces can be a serious competitor to Amazon, eBay etc. For this, 1,200 people were interviewed about their buying patterns, intentions, and experiences.

What draws consumers towards Wish & Co.

The study has shown that two main reasons are responsible for these marketplaces’ popularity:

  • the low price
  • the exclusivity of the goods

Image by ECC Köln about why consumers buy at Wish and Co.
Image by ECC Köln about why consumers buy at Wish and Co.

People looking for a good deal make up most of the marketplaces’ target audience. Alongside to low prices, consumers search for exclusive and eccentric goods that are not available in Germany. 

However - shouldn’t established merchants and brands outweigh these reasons with their better quality, service, and quick delivery times? Sadly enough, this is not the case. A large portion of the interviewed people admitted that they would put up with long delivery times - multiple weeks are common - and lower quality in order to get something at a low price. 

NO CE-identification, questionable ingredients in cosmetics - even warnings from experts do not stop people from buying. 

What consumers dislike about Wish & Co.

Mostly, the following issues were criticised:

Here, customs issues are the main reason not to order anything outside of Europe. The other issues hardly refrain people from ordering. 

Will AliExpress and Wish replace the established marketplaces?

On a first glance, the study’s results don’t seem too promising: producers of high quality goods that focus on quality and service instead of dumping prices might face great difficulties in the future. 

On a happier note:

Consumers still prefer established marketplaces like eBay and Amazon: According to the study, 44% of the interviewed persons purchase items on Amazon at least once a month; less frequently on the newer marketplaces - 54% shop here less than once per quarter. 

Taking all aspects into consideration, one can definitely say that Amazon & Co. will neither be overtaken nor be replaced by their new competitors from Asia. Nevertheless, it is to be expected that the turnovers of AliExpress & Co. will further increase. A long-term development and whether the points of critique will be taken into consideration remains to be seen. The latter will definitely further raise the acceptance for new marketplaces. 

How you can strengthen your brand

People looking for low prices are by no means representative for everyone shopping online.  Consumers who know to appreciate good service and high quality goods and are ready to pay an appropriate price for it are just as common. Due to this, it is essential to focus on quality, customer support, and brand protection. By this, you’ll steady your brand’s image and further bind customers to your brand as well as win new customers through the same reasons.

There will always be cheap goods. But at the same time, there will always be consumers who appreciate the value and the price of high standards. It is essential to show that your brand stands for these standards. 

It is our job to support you to reach this goal by finding counterfeits that damage your image and stop the selling of those.

By this, we keep the troubles caused by counterfeits as low as possible. 

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