Specific issues of Domain Monitoring

Take a look at how globaleyez can solve the extensive and versatile problems domain fraud causes for your brand.


When a domain is cybersquatted, it means that people have purchased it in the hope of selling it on to a brand for a significant profit. Many well-known brands experience this problem.

One of our solutions to cybersquatting is a covert domain purchase. This means that we contact the squatters as private individuals and purchase the domain from them for a fraction of the price they would ask from the brand itself.

Brand protection experts working on Partner Compliance Service

We’ve been successfully enforcing our clients’ rights against authentic-looking webshops that sell counterfeits of our clients’ products. We work in close cooperation with all the major players in this field, including registries, registrars, hosters, search engines, payment providers and authorities.

An increasing number of webshops are available in the metaverse, a rapidly expanding virtual universe. As some of these may offer IP-infringing virtual products to customers, we have extended our domain monitoring service to include websites in the metaverse as well.