Social Media Monitoring

We offer you quick detection of IP infringing ads and listings on social media thanks to our personal expertise and highly adaptable software tools.

What we offer

  • Monitoring of ads, marketplace and single webshops on Facebook and Instagram
  • Targeted filters to narrow down results
  • Quick and seamless reporting tools for effective takedowns
  • Exportable data and expert advice on next steps
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What we do

We monitor ads, brand pages, single webshops, groups (both open and closed) and marketplaces on social media platforms. Our powerful software tools allow both keyword-based and reverse image searches to find listings and ads that violate your brand’s IP while built-in reporting features guarantee a fast and effective takedown process.

With social shopping on the rise, social media monitoring is a must-have feature of every comprehensive online brand protection program.

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and answers to questions that you might have regarding our social media monitoring.

Ad monitoring on Facebook and Instagram is an integral part of our service.

Due to the platform’s highly sophisticated ad targeting, Facebook ads are the place where IP infringing sellers invest. They can easily direct customer traffic to fake shops and even predict turnover made with counterfeits. Monitoring and deleting ads that lead to fake websites is crucial for your online brand protection - and we can do this for you with a dedicated Facebook tool.

Besides this, the software can be used to monitor all kinds of promotional and sales activities on Facebook and Instagram related to your brand.

When launched, Facebook’s marketplace targeted classified sales between consumers. However, businesses quickly realized its potential and now it functions as a regular marketplace - along with an array of infringing goods and services.

We monitor the sales offers on Facebook marketplace with dedicated software tools and support you to gain overview and take action against IP infringements. We have researchers all over the world, which means we can execute test purchases in over 50 countries without making sellers suspicious.

Based on in-depth discussions, our online brand protection experts and our clients determine the keywords and search terms together. As our service is highly client-oriented, the actual scope may differ greatly depending on the specific client’s needs.

Whether you want to keep counterfeits to a minimum, or stop the sales of products that should not exist (e.g. T-shirts with your logo when you don’t produce T-shirts at all), we’re here for you.

Due to our close cooperation with social media platforms, especially Facebook, we can take down infringing content with copyright, trademark, or any other IP related issues within hours.

Social media monitoring is an excellent addition to our overall marketplace monitoring service. When detecting suspicious products, test purchases are invaluable to determine their origin and nature.

Next to this, our enforcement service ensures the timely removal of infringing listings and ads from social media platforms.