Social Media Monitoring

Social networks are digging their way deeper and deeper into everyone’s lives. Today, our Social Media Monitoring should be an integral part of comprehensive online brand protection for every company, because where the people are, there are the brands - including all aspects of risks.

What we offer

  • Monitoring of various Social Media platforms
  • Tracking of brand pages and monitoring of marketplaces on Facebook
  • Monitoring of advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Removing content that infringes your intellectual property, including advertising on social media

What we do

Social media nowadays includes a magnitude of different topics that can actually hurt a brand or threaten their customers.

We created a unique approach on monitoring social media content with dedicated tools and services – to create the best possible way of brand protection.


Discover our latest industry insights on the subject of our social media monitoring service and get exciting insights into the daily business of globaleyez, interesting and informative case studies, the world of global online marketplaces and much more. . .

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and answers to questions that you might have regarding our social media monitoring.

Definitely, yes!

Based on its highly sophisticated ad targeting, Facebook ads are the place where sellers of counterfeits invest. They can easily target customer traffic onto fake shops and even predict turnover being made with counterfeits. To monitor and delete advertising that leads to fake websites is crucial for your online brand protection - and we can do this for you with a dedicated Facebook tool.

Next to this, the software can be used to monitor promotional and sales activities of all kinds on Facebook and Instagram related to your brand.

A few years ago, Facebook launched its marketplace for classified sales from consumer to consumer. Today, it has outpaced the eBay marketplace in many countries and regions and is definitely a source for infringing goods and services.

We monitor the sales offers on Facebook marketplace with dedicated software tools and support you to gain overview and take action against trademark infringements.

Actually, you set the criteria and we make sure they are kept.

As we are serving a larger number of clients with our social media monitoring, the criteria differ a lot. While some are looking to keep the sales of counterfeits low, others use it to look for “fantasy products” of their brand that should not exist either. Tell us about your challenges and we will give you the right approach.

As we do work closely with the major social media networks and primarily the Facebook group, we can take down infringing content within hours.

Looking at social media, you will definitely need to do some test purchases here and there - as over time, we will face quite some curiosities that might call for clearance.

Next to this, we do enforce heavily on social media against all types of infringements.