Social Media Monitoring process

Discover how online brand protection experts at globaleyez work closely with you to provide a strong and comprehensive social media monitoring program.

Determining keywords and search terms

Based on in-depth discussions, our online brand protection experts determine the keywords and search terms together with you. As our service is highly client-oriented, the actual scope may differ greatly depending on your specific needs.

Whether you want to keep counterfeits to a minimum, or stop the sales of products that should not exist (e.g. T-shirts with your logo when you don’t produce T-shirts at all), we’re here for you.

Brand protection experts working on Facebook for Social Media Monitoring
Facebook Account


Due to our close cooperation with social media platforms, especially Facebook, we can ensure the takedown of infringing content with copyright, trademark, or any other IP related issues within hours.

globaleyez’s solutions

Social media monitoring is an excellent addition to our overall marketplace monitoring service. When detecting suspicious products, test purchases are invaluable to determine their origin and nature.

Our enforcement service ensures the timely removal of infringing listings and ads from social media platforms.