Discover our comprehensive and highly scalable online brand protection services that we will tailor to your brand’s exact needs.

Test Purchase

Do your authorized distributors comply with their contracts? Who is selling original or fake versions of your products? Do you need legally admissible evidence against grey marketers or fraudsters?

Our test purchases in 50+ countries solve all those problems and more.

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Marketplace Monitoring

Who sells your products online? Are your authorized distribution channels leaking?

With our service, you can find out who creates listings of your products on 150+ online marketplaces worldwide.

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Domain Monitoring

Has somebody registered a domain in your brand’s name? Have they spelled it incorrectly to avoid detection? Do you face issues like cybersquatting and fake shops? Choose our service to find a lasting solution to these problems.

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Image Monitoring

Who uses your copyrighted images online without your permission? Are your rights and revenue hurt by them?

Our service combines automated tools and expert advice to present highly tailored solutions to your situation and suggest possible further action.

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Social Media Monitoring

Is anybody infringing your IP-rights on social media, including marketplaces and single webshops? Are your products offered by fraudsters in closed buying groups or chat rooms?

If these are the problems your brand faces, our service offers fast, flexible, and highly scalable solutions tailored exactly to your needs.

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App Monitoring

Which apps use your brand imagery in their name and description? Do they have your permission? Do you want to get rid of older versions of your app? Our service solves these problems for you in 30+ app stores.

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Marketplace Sales Tracking

How much money are various sellers making by selling your products on Amazon or eBay? Which of your products are popular on a market you haven’t even officially entered yet?

Discover sales figures and turnover of sellers, and much more with our service.

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Partner Compliance

How do your business partners represent your brand? Do they use your patents and licenses according to your wishes? Are they sticking to their contracts in all other matters as well?

We will find out whether your business partners hurt your brand’s rights in any way, and offer actionable expert advice.

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How do you make an unauthorized listing disappear from a marketplace or social media? And what to do about IP-infringing apps, domain names and images? That’s easy: ask us to deal with it. globaleyez enforces your brand’s IP rights and ensures the swift removal of content that infringes on them.

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