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Do cross-border sales restrict your ability to plan your distribution? Is your authorised retail at risk? Do you see counterfeits of your products taking over? Or is the market flooded with knock-offs that might infringe your intellectual property, patents or copyrights? Having a branded product entails many challenges and implications in today's globalised sales environment.

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Marketplace Monitoring

What is happening to your brand online? Who is selling your products on marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba or eBay? We monitor online marketplaces with strong yet cost-effective online brand protection software utilising both text and image searches according to your specific requirements.

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Domain Monitoring

Have you ever tried registering a domain? If so, you might have been amazed by how terribly easy it is with most domain hosts. The costs are very low, no passport is required and if the credentials given seem legit, they hardly ever get second-checked. Under these circumstances, it is very likely that domains are fraudulently registered in your brand’s name.

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Image Monitoring

Pictures tell more than words! And therefore, images are probably the most infringed content on the internet, we believe. Who uses your images without your consent on a website or online marketplace? Who is infringing your copyrights? Who is selling items using your precious media assets? Make sure you know!

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Social Media Monitoring

Social networks are digging their way deeper and deeper into everyone’s lives. The best example is the super swift rise of the tiktok app winning millions of users worldwide in the blink of an eye. And where the people are, there are the brands - including all aspects of risks.

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App Monitoring

What’s going on with your brand and business in the app universe? Providing apps for mobile devices has become an entirely separate sphere of digital content and commerce and therefore should not be left out in a sophisticated online brand protection approach for companies that are exposed to the app world’s risks.

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Marketplace Sales Tracking

For quite some time, our global economies have been disrupted by the marketplace economy. But how much turnover is being made on marketplaces with your product and brand? And which sellers do these sales? If this is of interest to you we gladly assist you with figures and insights as part of our comprehensive online brand protection and distribution control expertise.

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Partner Compliance

The distribution of branded products on a worldwide scale is a constant challenge - changing tremendously these days. Extended proliferation of product availability and brand development in a globalized world have increased your network and relations. But do your authorized partners do their part?

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There is a wide set of different scenarios that can hurt your brand, your brand's reputation and your authorized sales network. Infringements rank from non-compliant behaviour to knock-offs, from copyright infringements to counterfeits. We know them all - and we know how to fight against them online.

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