Create screenshots quickly and easily of any type of web content including a court-approved digital timestamp with screenseal, the handy Google Chrome extension from globaleyez.

Your benefits

  • Easy creation of high-quality screenshots
  • Tamper-proof timestamps that can be used in court
  • Capture of all static web content and video frames
  • Simultaneous capture of various browser tabs
  • Automatic naming and batch functionalities
  • Optimisation of your work processes
Image of a screenshot captured with screenseal on a tablet

1. What is screenseal

screenseal is a Google Chrome extension developed by globaleyez that allows you to easily create high-quality screenshots with court-usable digital time stamps.

Image of time stamp from screenseal

With screenseal, you can capture web content from multiple browser tabs simultaneously, including video frames.

With a wide range of settings options, you can choose between partial or full screenshots, different file formats and storage locations.

Since our timestamps come from an independent source, manipulation (e.g. by setting your computer's time to a different time zone) is impossible.

2. The optimal extension for you

If you occasionally submit documents online and need to prove when you filled out a form, then the free version of screenseal is perfect for you.

With the screenseal Pro version, you get full-featured options to quickly capture court-usable evidence for any type of web content and optimize your work processes.

We recommend screenseal Pro for the following professional groups, among others:

  • Lawyers and consultants
  • Investigators
  • Journalists
  • Consumer protection organisations
Image of screenseal free version

3. The basics of screenseal

The free version of screenseal allows you to create a watermarked screenshot of the visible part of a website with a timestamp according to your time zone.

The timestamp contains a QR code that leads the viewer to the original domain and also shows the URL, resolution and, of course, the time (and time zone) at which the image was taken.

Test screenseal now free of charge and without obligation

4. screenseal Pro functions and options

With screenseal Pro you decide what you want to capture: the visible part of a website, the entire website or any selection.

With the "browser tabs" option, screenseal automatically captures all visible content of your open browser pages simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

You can also choose the format of your screenshots (pdf, png or jpeg), as well as the timestamp itself (ISO, ANSI or DIN).

Illustration of functions of screenseal pro

screenseal Pro checks the websites you want to document before taking your screenshots. In doing so, screenseal Pro preloads dynamic content for optimal capture or disables pop-ups such as cookie disclaimers that would otherwise block your screenshots.

In addition, screenseal Pro (semi-)automatically groups your screenshots, making it easier for you to access your files and helping you optimize your workflows.