screenseal is a handy Google Chrome extension created by globaleyez that lets you capture any kind of web content with a court-admissible timestamp. Find out which version of screenseal would be best for your needs.

What is screenseal

screenseal is a Google Chrome extension created and provided by globaleyez that allows you to take screenshots with court-admissible timestamps. Once you download the extension, you’re all set to capture static web content, as well as video frames with minimum effort and maximum quality.

Multiple settings options allow you to choose between partial or whole screenshots, file formats and locations, and much more.

screenseal Google Chrome extension free version
screenseal Google Chrome extension free version

Who needs screenseal

screenseal comes in a free and a pro version to fit all requirements. Both versions provide a high quality screenshot with a court-admissible timestamp displayed at the bottom.

The free version is created for non-commercial use. For example, if you occasionally hand in documents online and may need to prove when you completed a form, the free version is perfect for you.

Get the globaleyez screenseal Google Chrome extension now and test the free version!

But if you want more, check out screenseal pro!

Attorneys-at-law, investigators, counsellors, journalists, consumer protection organisations and many other entities who need court-admissible proof of any kind of web content (as well as the exact time it was available online) will find screenseal pro an invaluable addition to their daily work.

screenseal time stamp Google Chrome extension pro version
screenseal time stamp Google Chrome extension pro version

Many other workflow-optimizing features, like

- automatic naming,

- batch functionalities and

- a unique timecome for hassle-free screenshotting

make screenseal pro an essential tool for professionals.

Get the pro version of screenseal

Get screenseal pro to save time and effort on your screen captures. Write us an e-mail containing your name, company and the period that you want to use screenseal for your purposes.

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