screenseal – revolutionary screenshot-tool including a court-proof timestamp

You need to document web content regularly? You need court-proof evidence of retailers selling products on a specific date? And you want to screenshot a large amount of web content quickly and efficiently? Then screenseal will revolutionise your previous processes.

Our browser-based add-on combines:

  • court-proof timestamp from an independent source

  • efficient storage system

  • user-friendly operation

  • approximately 50% of savings in time compared to previous processes

Check out screenseal! We provide you with 25 screenseals for free.

ONE-OFF plan
1 user
  • no monthly fixed amount
1 user
  • monthly amount
up to 5 users
  • monthly amount
  • half an hour technical support per month included
200 screenshots without monthly limit
  • one-time payment: 100 €
50 screenshots per month
  • monthly: 20 €
500 screenshots per month
  • monthly: 120 €
500 screenshots without monthly limit
  • one-time payment: 200 €
100 screenshots per month
  • monthly: 30 €
1.000 screenshots per month
  • monthly: 200 €


What is a court-proof timestamp?

The timestamp is generated from an independent and reliable source of time measurement ( and is automatically displayed on every screenshot you take.

Why is a court-proof timestamp so important? – In the internet age the preservation of evidence on websites is becoming increasingly important. screenseal guarantees the court-proof documentation of all web content.

There is no alternative to screenseal. Using the system clock of Windows or Mac for screenshots is not court-proof!


What kind of design does the timestamp have?

The timestamp design is simple, space-saving and transparent – no important information or website content will be lost.


And what is a revolutionary storage system?

There is no time-consuming storing of data or cumbersome changing of file names necessary. screenseal automatically saves all screenshots in a predefined file folder including date and time or numbering.

Freeware-tools do not offer those functions. The time saving in screenseal compared to other freeware-tools are up to 50%.


Overview of all screenseal functions: 

Functions screenseal Freeware screenshot-tools
Screenshot: only visible x x
Screenshot: complete webpage x x
Automatically generated timestamp x
Court-proof timestamp x
Automatic storage of screenshots x
Automatic naming of screenshot-files x
Continuous numbering of screenshot-files x