Sales tracking process

Discover the basics of our sales tracking process and how we adapt our work to your brand’s unique needs.

Criteria we use to analyse product categories or market volumes

Our work is based on our extensive experience in online brand protection services for a large portfolio of different brands across many industries. The criteria that serves as a basis for our analysis and auditing is highly adaptable and is usually determined in close cooperation with our clients.

Shall we look for price trends? Are you interested in specific sellers outside of your authorised distributor network? Or do you look for specific SKUs?

Visualisation of Marketplace Sales Tracking Service by globaleyez

Time intervals

Depending on our clients’ specific needs, we can work with any intervals from daily to monthly sales tracking and beyond. If you’re unsure what you need, our brand protection experts will be happy to suggest the best interval for your brand based on your specific situation.

globaleyez’s solutions

Using our marketplace sales tracking, you will likely have well defined targets and clusters of activities that need further investigation: a perfect premise for our test purchase service.

Depending on the results of our sales tracking, it may be advisable to widen or deepen the search and get started with our marketplace monitoring service.

In addition, we enforce heavily on marketplaces against all types of infringements.