Sales tracking on different Marketplaces

Our sales tracking service is adapted to each online marketplace and the data they provide. Check out how we can track sales of your products on major marketplaces.

The basics of sales tracking

Our keyword-, asin, sku-, or seller-based tracking service is adapted to each individual marketplace, providing you with exportable data about turnover, revenue, and bestselling products.

Based on this data, we can separate small timers from big fish and provide you with expert advice on potential next steps. As an added bonus, you’ll get invaluable insight into the performance of your products on various marketplaces.

Image of brand protection experts working on Marketplace Sales Tracking

Why we offer varying tracking options

Our tracking options depend on how much information the marketplace is offering about its sales numbers and how they organize it.

eBay provides the most organized information, allowing us to offer automated sales tracking with adjustable filters like timeframe, location, domain, price, etc.

Amazon keeps most of its sales data private, so we use a combination of automated and manual work to get as much data as possible without a court order.

AliExpress is somewhere between Amazon and eBay regarding the availability of information, enabling us to gather more data automatically, rounded off by manual effort.

Etsy provides some data that allows us to establish total shop sales.

Our expertise

Regardless of the marketplace and method of tracking, our expertise and experience ensure we get you as much data as possible.

Expansion of sales tracking

We never stop innovating therefore we plan to extend our sales tracking service to other marketplaces.

Currently, the focus is on growing Southeast Asian marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. If you have specific requirements, please contact us.