Partner Compliance

We check whether your business partners comply with their contracts and uncover damages to your brand that arise out of non-compliant behaviour.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive research to see if your business partners are sticking to your contract
  • Deep dives into the behaviour of patent and license users as well as authorized vendors and suppliers
  • Versatile methods from software-based monitoring to in-person mystery shopping
  • Background checks to vet business partners
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What we do

Whether patent or license users, authorized vendors or suppliers, any business partner can overstep their authority and infringe your IP rights or contractual restrictions.

Non-compliance leads to a number of scenarios that can hurt your brand, including grey markets, counterfeiting, as well as the loss of trust and revenue.

Our dedicated brand protection experts use an array of tools both on- and offline to discover if your business partners adhere to their contracts. Armed with the results of our research, we provide you with a comprehensive report and expert advice about potential next steps.

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