Partner Compliance Use Cases

The four main partner compliance cases we cover are patents, licenses, suppliers, and authorized vendors.

Who is partner compliance for

Brands with an extensive network of distributors, suppliers, licensees and patents usually lack the capacity and experience to continuously review and enforce the terms of every single partnership agreement.

Visualisation of Partner Compliance Service by globaleyez

Use Cases

➥ A patent user who bought the patent rights for one product line may be using it on another line as well. Do they pay for it?

➥ Often, producers or sellers may not be aware that an image or name is protected by license. An image of a Medusa head, for example, can only be used legally when the license fee is paid to the license holder, Versace.

➥ Suppliers may overstep their boundaries. Product molds, for example, are often given to suppliers to produce a certain amount of product parts. Suppliers may produce more and sell the excess to outsiders.

➥Authorized vendors may decide to act against the terms of their contract, and offer your products on marketplaces you haven’t authorized.