Our company

globaleyez’s dedicated team of online brand protection experts work closely together to provide each client with the highest quality service to assure protection against IP-infringements.

The key facts

  • Founded in 2007 and privately owned
  • Not funded by venture capital, thus financially independent from third parties
  • A dynamic team of 20 dedicated brand protection experts
  • Located in Cologne and Berlin and services covering the whole world
illustration of globaleyez company located in Cologne and Berlin

Who we are

A deep knowledge of the industry, combined with a passion for brands and highly scalable services tailored to each and every client’s exact needs. That is globaleyez, a renowned market leader in the field of brand protection.

Our ultimate aim is to safeguard the complete e-Commerce presence of our clients to ensure their optimal online brand protection on the internet. Over 30 prominent and internationally recognized brands have chosen us for our expertise, dedication and innovative spirit.

Our Team

Our well-trained experts form the heart and soul of our company. We work closely together to ensure that each of our clients receives optimal and perfectly tailored online brand protection services.

Together, we are globaleyez.

  • Oliver Oliver Managing Director
  • Felix Felix Head of Operations
  • Marija Marija Project Manager
  • Marvin Marvin Project Manager
  • Sahra Sahra Project Manager
  • Philip Philip Project Manager
  • Jan Jan Project Manager
  • Rebecca Rebecca Project Manager
  • Lisa Lisa Student Assistant
  • Berit Berit Marketing Manager
  • Lili Lili Writer in Residence