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Discover what online brand protection is and why your brand needs a comprehensive program to look out for your intellectual property both on- and offline.

What is online brand protection

Online brand protection is the detection and removal of web content, e.g. product listings, ads, images, domains, etc. that infringes on your brand’s intellectual property rights.

globaleyez’s comprehensive online brand protection program consists of tailor-made services that cover every threat your brand’s IP rights face.

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Why does your brand need protection?

E-Commerce is on the rise, providing opportunities for brands and fraudsters alike. Counterfeiters, grey marketers, non-compliant sellers and many other parties worldwide can cause serious harm for your brand by ruining your reputation and stealing your revenue.

Online brand protection creates a clean environment for your authorized sellers and products on marketplaces, webshops, and the internet in general. With a comprehensive online brand protection program in place, you can safely focus on growing your brand’s reputation and bottom line.

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Brand-oriented measures

Our team of experts works with you to develop individualized solutions that perfectly fit your brand’s unique requirements.

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Comprehensive services

Individually or combined, our services can be tailored exactly to your needs and help you to combat any possible IP infringement on- and offline.

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With decades-long experience and a proven track record in the industry, globaleyez is your trusted online brand protection partner.

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Trends in eCommerce, the latest developments in our industry and the latest fraud schemes - we always keep our finger on the pulse.

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