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New sales features at eBay

eBay introduces new perks to make its sellers’ lives easier. Read on to find out all about the new features and how they may affect your brand.

Santa Claus is coming to… eBay. The eCommerce giant is introducing new perks for its sellers just in time for the Christmas rush, once again demonstrating why it was elected the most popular marketplace among vendors.

What’s new

When sellers make suggestions, eBay tries to listen. These new features are a definite proof of that, since they were all suggested by vendors to enhance their effectiveness. The changes will come in handy for sellers preparing for the busiest shopping season of the year.

Customisable newsletters

eBay sellers will now be able to use a larger selection of customisable newsletter templates adjusted to their customers’ shopping habits. These templates are available in eBay’s Seller Cockpit Pro, allowing vendors to advertise sales discounts or the arrival of new products to loyal customers.

Newsletters can be sent to various groups of customers, i.e. people who made a relevant purchase in the past 30 to 180 days. Data from the newsletters is more easily gathered and evaluated regarding click-through rates, direct conversions and even turnover originating from the newsletter. This is a huge asset for sellers to learn what works in a campaign and how well previous campaigns did.

Upgraded brand presence

The new features also provide sellers with more freedom to design their shopfront on eBay. For example, new image editing functions are now released, sellers can use the rounded brand logo for a more professional look, and they can even decide where to put their logo on their shop’s site.

Screenshot of a shopfront of random seller on ebay.de
Screenshot of a shopfront of random seller on ebay.de

In addition, well-known sellers can use their name to draw in more customers, as the shop name will be displayed among the search results to harvest its SEO value. Finally, videos can now be embedded in both the shop’s main site and individual product sites. This feature allows sellers to introduce themselves and their shops, as well as show any product in action on the product pages.

Messages and products easier sent

A new messaging system will make it easier for sellers to keep in touch with their customers. Currently in beta version, this system will at first only be available to sellers using the eBay app.

The new inbox will look more professional and allows sellers to sort through messages more quickly and efficiently. For example, threading messages from the same sender or in the same subject will be possible under the new system.

Finally, eBay will provide assistance to its sellers regarding international shipping. Information will be easier to access, as well as the services of various logistics companies like DHL, GLS, DPD and more.

Small traders favoured

eBay makes no secret of its intention to help small businesses. In fact, the marketplace launched a 360 marketing campaign to support its small business sellers between August and October 2022.

Screenshot of ebay.de’s header with the Kleine Shops tab highlighted
Screenshot of ebay.de’s header with the Kleine Shops tab highlighted

As you can see on the screenshot above, a new tab on the website “Kleine Shops” (German for “small shops”) directs consumers to a landing page that aggregates the offer of around ten thousand small businesses.

In addition, small business owners had the chance during the campaign to feature in eBay’s marketing videos, images and more to reach customers. The motto of the event perfectly summarized the campaign’s main intention: "You're part of something big when you shop at a small business." (translated from German by globaleyez)

Screenshot of ebay.de/kleineshops
Screenshot of ebay.de/kleineshops

The small business campaign fits very well with another goal of eBay: to grow its audience among the younger generation. As we’ve seen from other initiatives like the successful cooperation with Snapchat, eBay wants to extend its customer base and invite young people to become regular customers.

To this end, eBay uses popular media formats and channels including videos and social media, and runs campaigns to emphasize the diversity of the platform and its users.

Related topics

Brands on eBay

As one of the largest global online marketplaces, eBay may be a good choice for your brand as a highly effective sales channel. Witha $10.8 billion revenue in 2021 and 159 million active users, eBay is a force to be reckoned with.

Since eBay doesn’t use the Buy Box system known from Amazon but lists all sellers offering the same product beside each other, your listings have a higher chance of being spotted by customers.

At least, in an ideal world with clean marketplaces (i.e. a marketplace displaying only authorized listings), they would have a higher chance.

Unfortunately, the over 19 million sellers present on the platform are not all honest vendors.

In fact, several of those are fraudsters who infringe on brands’ IP rights and dupe their customers into buying fakes, grey market products, lookalikes and so on. And thanks to eBay’s system of displaying products, your authorized listings may be drowned in a sea of infringing products listed by fraudsters.

Just as ordered by court, eBay takes serious steps to eliminate fraudsters and unauthorized products from the marketplace. However, fraudsters can still slip through the cracks and take up shop on the platform where they continue to harm your brand until somebody spots and reports them.

The question is, who is that somebody? And when do they notice?

Online brand protection on eBay

Well, if that somebody is globaleyez, you can rest assured we’ll notice the fraudsters as soon as possible. Our services on eBay (and everywhere else on the internet) are geared towards the quick detection and elimination of IP infringing listings that may hurt your brand.

In the course of our marketplace monitoring service, for instance, we use targeted keyword searches to ferret out unauthorized product listings. Thanks to highly customizable filters, our searches can be as wide or as narrow as your brand’s unique situation requires it.

Next, our image monitoring service is a perfect addition to find any image-based infringements like ads or stolen brand imagery fraudsters use to advertise their listings. Our targeted sales tracking options allow us to separate the big fish from small time offenders and discover sales volume, turnover, etc. (By the way, this is immensely helpful in the case of authorized sellers as well.)

Finally, once a test purchase confirms that we’re indeed dealing with a fake, we can enforce your rights and ensure the removal of the offending listing from eBay.


eBay’s new sales features can give sellers a boost when it comes to marketing and staying in touch with their customers. Unfortunately, that includes fraudulent sellers as well.

Don’t let fraudsters harm your brand; contact us and let us devise an effective brand protection strategy to safeguard your IP rights on eBay and everywhere else on the internet.

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