Marketplace Sales Tracking

Never neglect sound marketplace sales tracking as part of your online brand protection. globaleyez keeps an overview for you in a confusing trading environment, because: For quite some time, our global economies have been disrupted by the so-called “marketplace economy”. Vendors are selling there because customers see their needs fulfilled in just one place without having to search for an individual seller.

What we offer

  • Monitoring of sales and (merchant-)turnovers on different marketplaces
  • The ability to analyse product categories or market volumes
  • Provision of sales tracking data

What we do

Who is selling how many products on Amazon, eBay or AliExpress? How much turnover is being made with your product and brand? And which sellers do these sales?

If this is of interest to you we gladly assist you with figures and insights as part of our comprehensive online brand protection and distribution control expertise.

We can identify how much each seller is selling and how much damage this is doing to your brand. In order to build a clear picture of distribution, we have developed a sales tracking service for Amazon, eBay and AliExpress to analyse the relevant data and to monitor sales and sellers.

Discover our latest industry insights on the subject of our marketplace sales tracking service and get exciting insights into the daily business of globaleyez, interesting and informative case studies, the world of global online marketplaces and much more. . .

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Should you require figures for marketplace sales to drive your distribution control and online brand protection matters, contact us. We are sure that our expertise, quality, and dedication as brand protection experts will make the difference.

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and answers to questions that you might have regarding our marketplace sales tracking.

eBay is still a strong marketplace in many countries and for many categories, including automotive, electronics, printer cartridges, software, and many more. So definitely worth looking into what is going on there.

We can give you clear indications onto the top sellers of your products and how much sales they are actually making. And even better, we can look back up to one year and give you a full picture with facts and figures.

Aliexpress is the marketplace of the Alibaba Group available in many countries of Western and Eastern Europe with dedicated language sites, e.g. in German, Spanish, or French. Buyers are not only end consumers but also resellers, who buy counterfeited products from China to sell them on other marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon.

globaleyez provides the information onto sellers, their products and their sales estimates via this platform.

As we are constantly innovating, we head for other marketplaces.

Currently, the focus is on the growing Southeast Asian marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. If you have specific requirements, kindly

contact us. Surely we can bring our technology to your targets for an outstanding online brand protection.

Good question! In the end it is you who determines the criteria we use as a basis for our analysis and auditing.

Shall we look for price trends? Are you interested in specific sellers outside of your authorised distributor network? Or do you look for specific SKUs? Our work is based on our vast experience in online brand protection services for a large portfolio of different brands from different industries.

Continuity is key. We are happy to give you sales tracking data over a long period of time (if you wish), to better understand developments in the market and as well show results and achievements over time.

Using our marketplace sales tracking, you will surely have well defined targets and clusters of activities - it goes hand in hand with our test

purchase service.

Next to this, we do enforce heavily on marketplaces against all types of infringements.