Marketplace Monitoring

We monitor 150+ online marketplaces worldwide in search of unauthorised distributors and counterfeits of your brand. Our experts personally dedicated to your brand uncover any infringement of your trademark rights, no matter how well hidden.

What we offer

  • Our software traxster simultaneously monitors 150+ marketplaces
  • Data charts, spreadsheets and graphics for download
  • Various options for action against infringing listings according to your request
  • Highly individualized marketplace monitoring
Visualisation of marketplace monitoring on 150+ marketplaces worldwide

What we do

Two powerful forces form the basis of our marketplace monitoring: deep personal expertise and advanced software. Invaluable knowledge and a high level of ingenuity make our brand protection experts the key to efficient marketplace monitoring.

Combatting copyright infringements and plagiarism does not follow a certain scheme. It requires thinking outside the box.

- Festo SE & Co. KG

Our service is flexible and scalable to perfectly fit your brand’s needs. We can give you anything from self-service access to our advanced software traxster to the dedicated attention of our experts, or a combination of the two. Regardless of the complexity of service you choose, you’ll receive cutting edge marketplace monitoring with keyword-based searches, exportable data, and close communication with our experts.

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globaleyez brand protection experts co-working on marketplace monitoring

Discover our latest industry insights on the subject of our marketplace monitoring service and take a peek at life at globaleyez, the world of global online marketplaces and much more.

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If your brand needs comprehensive and highly individualized marketplace monitoring services, globaleyez is here for you.

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information onto questions that you might have regarding our marketplace monitoring service.

Our online marketplace monitoring solution traxster covers 150+ marketplaces worldwide and trawls through them according to your specific requirements.

We can monitor Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish, Lazada, Shopee, Etsy, and many, many more. Choose one or one hundred, and off we go. For a deeper look into the marketplaces we cover, check out our blog.

Kindly request a list of online marketplaces covered.

traxster is a powerhouse of marketplace monitoring. It runs searches, filters results, sends alerts, creates statistics, and even launches takedown notices. Plus, it acts as a communication tool between us and our clients.

For more technical details, take a closer look at traxster.

Yes, we also monitor marketplaces of all major social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. We also provide notice and takedown services.

This is entirely up to you and your brand’s specific needs. Our experts advise you on the selection, and together, we come up with a unique set of keywords and settings that fit your brand perfectly.

For example, we can cast the net as wide as a country, or as narrow as a single seller. We can even create a list of specific sellers to be excluded from the findings. We do whatever your brand requires.

Yes, mostly to combat the sales of cracked software, codes for programmes, and access credentials to streaming sites or other providers of digital content.

The darknet monitoring usually goes hand in hand with our test purchase service, as it’s the best way to find out more about the seller and the goods being sold.

Closely linked to marketplace monitoring is our test purchase service. Based on your requests, we buy the products of interest from sellers of interest and record everything in court-admissible documentation.

In addition, our marketplace sales tracking provides insights into sales and turnover to help us understand the economic impact of a seller or an entire category.

Complementing this is our partner compliance service that helps detect potential leaks in your distribution channel.

Finally, our enforcement service ensures the removal of infringing listings and sellers from the marketplace.