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Lazada using Alibaba’s IP Platform

SEA marketplace takes IP seriously


When Alibaba became Lazada’s parent, no one expected it to be long before they reaped the benefits of being owned by the E-Commerce giant. Orders on Lazada have recently grown 100% and helped Alibaba have great results in Q2. So it is little wonder that Alibaba is investing in the shining jewel in their crown and letting them leverage their IP rights tool. It is little secret that Lazada needs to bolster its brand protection efforts, and this is a great way to show customers and potential investors they are serious about rectifying any past problems.

What is Alibaba’s IP protection platform?

Alibaba’s IP protection platform helps sellers to act against IP infringement in nearly all of the countries the marketplace is active. After the soft launch, nearly all of the takedown requests were handled within 24 hours, a pretty impressive statistic. Brands and rights holders can easily register on the website and submit takedown requests quickly and efficiently. Claims had previously been processed by email, so it means that this particular service will now be a lot quicker for Ali protect users.

How will Lazada be utilising this?

Lazada believe in trust in E-Commerce as a market so it is little surprise, they are doing all they can to build up trusting relationships. Online Brand protection seems to be becoming more and more of a priority at Lazada. It will be interesting to see if the portal encourages sellers to move more of their E-Commerce to the Lazada platform. As well as taking brand protection seriously, steps like this also ensure that sellers get the best possible service. 

If you want to know more about tackling IP problems on Lazada marketplaces in South-East Asia, kindly follow up with us. We can help you with effective monitoring, enforcement and test purchases

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