infrimage – the cool tool to tackle copyright infringements

Have you ever stumbled upon a website displaying your logo and your photos without consent? Be sure, there are thousands out there! Your media assets are just getting stolen away from your website, catalogue or repository – being used most of the times for things you do not want.

This applies to:

  • sales of greymarket and counterfeit goods

  • simulation of authenticity and authorisation

  • marketing of knock off’s

  • and many more


Check out infrimage! We grant you 10 images free of charge.

monthly BUDGET plan
1 User
  • monthly amount
    composition of all legally relevant information
    Easy Cease & Desist
10 images
  • monthly: 99 €
25 images
  • monthly: 125 €
50 images
  • monthly: 150 €
100 images
  • monthly: 200 €

0,5 h technical support

Our new tool “infrimage” helps you to efficiently check if an image is yours and to show evidence with just one click.


How does it work:


  1. upload your fotos to our database – enter credentials that only the brand owner knows

  2. if you find a foto that might infringe your copyrights  – check it against your fotos with our “infrimage” firefox extension

  3. a result page will show you immediatly, if this image is yours. You can use the result listing then to claim your copyrights



    The result page confirms that the image is owned by your company, stating details that only the brand owner knows, e.g. release date or name of the photographer. As well, result page delivers link onto the infringing website and a screenshot.


    This process might help you to easily claim damages from the infringer through your IP lawyer or to file a DMCA complaint with Google to take down the listing from the search results.