Image Monitoring

Reverse image searches with dynamic filters based on your requests and our firsthand expertise. This is the recipe for success of our image monitoring service.

What we offer

  • Continuous or one-off reverse image searches with our dedicated software
  • Both exact and similar matches supported
  • Extensive and adjustable filters ensure efficient workflow and quick results
  • Close cooperation with dedicated brand protection experts
Visualisation of image monitoring service by globaleyez

What we do

Building on a series of reverse image searches, we create a targeted image monitoring service for your brand. Whether brand imagery like logos, exact product pictures or even similar product photos taken by fraudsters, our experts find infringing content and suggest further action like takedowns based on your feedback.

Exportable data, dynamic search filters and hands-on expertise make our image monitoring service an invaluable part of your comprehensive online brand protection program.

Symbolic image: photograph of a product
Image of brand protection experts working on image monitoring

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