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Google goes own marketplace

Who saw This Coming in 2019?


As well as quietly adding in the capability for users to shop via their TrueView ads, Google are expanding their offering to include Google Marketplace. The internet giant is set to release the product in France in January, which will give users the option to use the “buy with Google” button which will present less steps in the shopping experience. All customers need to do is select “buy with Google” to complete the transaction, and it looks likely the future will hold the opportunity to shop with Google Assistant.

How much of a threat is this to Amazon?

As Google are currently only testing the platform with third-party companies like Carrefour and Auchan, it is likely we are not seeing the final product yet. The idea is that shoppers will be able to browse various products in different categories and select “buy with Google” to finalise their purchases. One of the main things reported in a number of different articles about the new feature is that Google will earn less commission from these sales than Amazon and eBay. While the pricing could give them the competitive edge - it doesn’t look like this particular piece of tech will lure away loyal Amazon customers, especially with services like one-click at their disposal through the better known platforms. Sellers are still ultimately responsible for the logistics of the sale.

How easy is it for merchants to set up?

One of the main things that may draw sellers to Google Marketplace is the ease of which the platform can be integrated with current Google products. Google marketplace currently links in to Google Merchant Centre, and any sellers with a merchant centre account should be able to set up more or less immediately. For the time being, Google Marketplace sellers can manage their advertising on the shopping platform, but it looks likely if this is rolled out to other countries Google will integrate this with their advertising platform, DV360.

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