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Google improves shopping

Which new features are available?


Google shopping recently announced a redesign of its US site. Lots of exciting new features are in store that look set to benefit both the buyer and the seller. Google Express is being integrated into the platform, which levels the playing field a lot for sellers. Google Express allows the order to be fulfilled from the place that is most efficient, be it online or a local store.

As Google battles for market share with the likes of Amazon and Alibaba, what other new features are available on the Google shopping platform?

Buy on Google

Google has partnered up with selected retailers to offer a “buy on Google” option in certain online stores. Although this may seem counter-productive to the retailer, there are a lot of benefits to buying on Google. The checkout system is easier for those with a Google account, which could make all the difference between getting and not getting the sale. They also have a “free returns up to 90 days” policy and ensure they vet all of the retailers that they are working with.

(This is how Google shopping listing looks to the buyer)

A price tracker

When you look for a flight through Google search you will probably have noticed that Google lists all of the flights and the flight operators by price. This feature is coming for goods as well.

Customers will also be able to apply a “price track” and get a notification if the price drops below a certain amount. This feature also has the ability to let customers know if their product is in stock at their chosen store, and customers will be shown labels if the product is out of stock at a certain retailer.

Google lens to get a shopping tie-in

Google lens is a nifty little tool that identifies things you point your smartphone camera at. They didn’t design this just for fun. One of the more significant uses for Google lens is a tie-in with Google shopping, which is being touted as coming soon.

The idea is that a customer will be able to point their smartphone camera at an item and then Google shopping will pull results for similar products.

“Discovery ads” to become available

A recent article stated that Google shopping will now be able to make use of “discovery” ads. Rather than search listings, discovery ads are ads that appear on the page and emulate the native look and feel to the website. Currently, they will only be available on Google’s proprietary inventory like Youtube and Gmail, but this has the potential to be rolled out to third-party inventory in the future.

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