globaleyez compensate for business flights


As a brand who are ever conscious about how we can improve upon our relationship with the world around us, we have decided to become a co2 neutral company when it comes to our business flights. We are thrilled to be taking this step to building a wider program of monitoring of our environmental impact in the future – next to the general policy to avoid flying when there can be other ways. We will be using Atmosfair to offset our carbon footprint. 

How does Atmosfair work?

When globaleyez travel for business, we will use Atmosfair to work out what our unavoidable carbon emissions would be for that journey. We then make a voluntary payment to Atmosfair. All of the funding that is contributed to Atmosfair is used to help to create renewable energies in the countries that they barely exist in.

In the following months we will be looking to continue building our environmental policy, so keep updated on our blog for future news. 

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