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10 things you might not know about the marketplace


eBay is possibly the most famous online marketplace in the world. They were a pioneer of their time, and although they are being outpaced by Amazon, they still have huge potential. We’ve recently spent some time looking into newer marketplaces on our blog, like our recent article on the south east Asian marketplace of Zilingo, but there are still a few things we think we could surprise you with about eBay when it comes to brand protection related topics. 

1. eBay’s name was initially “AuctionWeb”

Doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue, does it?

2. eBay operates more than 45 pages for specific countries

Some of them might not be obviously related to eBay in terms of their names such as gittigidiyor.com and gmarket.co.kr. We can monitor all of them for sales of infringing goods.

3. eBay Pay has been established in the US as a new payment method this year

Sources announced Germany will be the next market to enter…

4. In contrast to Amazon, eBay operates an item-based listing solution

This creates a lot more listing info to show up in searches and helps your products get seen. However, on the other hand it creates more potential for infringing sales.

5. globaleyez can conduct takedowns for eBay directly via our monitoring software

Visit our website to find out more.

6. eBay algorithms may suggest fake items based on your last searches and settings

Even though eBay tries to stop this, the algorithms may not always catch it.

7. The fleamarket character of eBay changed to a more B2C character in many categories, thus providing a bigger volume of (professional) fakes

It is always worth being vigilant of your brand protection if your branded products are sold on the platform.

8. Greymarket problems occur on eBay such as on any other platform with relevant size

Our test purchase service can help you with this.

9. Even amazon account data and coupons are being dealt on eBay

Some of these are for sure stolen or manipulated as you can imagine.

10. eBay has a branch of ebay-kleinanzeigen.de where the business is still mostly C2C

However, more and more small businesses are entering as well and selling fakes here, which might go „under the radar“ of some brands…

Do your products get sold on eBay? Do you know what the process looks like? What quality of service are your re-sellers giving? What happens to your brand online? Who is selling your products on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba? We monitor the internet for you with strong yet cost-effective software utilizing both text and image searches according to your specific requirements.

Find out more information here.

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