We offer fast and effective removal of IP infringing content from the internet, including online marketplaces, domains, social media, and much more to enforce your IP rights.

What we offer

  • Effective takedown of infringing content from marketplaces, domains, apps, search engines, payment providers and more
  • Court-admissible documentation to prepare any legal proceedings
  • Broad expertise in the subject and close cooperation with all stakeholders
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What we do

Our versatile and flexible enforcement service ensures that infringing content is removed from the internet as fast as possible. We work closely with online marketplaces, domain registries and registrars, app stores, search engines, payment providers and many other stakeholders to execute fast and effective takedowns. When applicable, we go even further and work together with brand protection teams from various online marketplaces to act against sellers of infringing goods on a large scale.

If you want to get damage payments from sellers who have infringed your IP rights, we can help prepare your court case by recording our findings in legally admissible documentation.

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