Encroachments of your brand rank from copyright infringements to counterfeits and grey market issues to name but a few. We know them all - and we know how to fight against them online.

What we offer

  • “Takedown services” over the entire internet infrastructure - online marketplaces, domains, search engine results etc.
  • Deep knowledge of the different requirements based on the target
  • Close cooperation with online marketplaces, registrars, registries, authorities, hoster, payment providers, search engine providers etc.

What we do

We enforce your rights when it comes to online marketplaces, standalone websites, social media networks, search engines, domain names, mobile apps, payment providers, spam messages, phishing and even more targets if they should occur.

This extensive list shows how many different directions there are and the necessity of having all the knowledge at hand to make it an impact for your online brand protection needs.


Discover our latest industry insights on the subject of our enforcement service and get exciting insights into the daily business of globaleyez, interesting and informative case studies, the world of global online marketplaces and much more. . .

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If you think that your products and assets are under attack, kindly follow up with us to discuss how we can support you to solve the problem. We are sure that our expertise, quality, and dedication as brand protection experts will make the difference.

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and questions that you might have regarding our enforcement service.

It is a way brands can fight against infringements online. The technical term in the brand protection industry is “takedown”, which describes it quite nicely. It means that an infringing listing or offer will be removed and cannot be accessed, bought or used any more.

We believe that a sophisticated brand protection should include a certain level of legal proceedings against infringers - to put the message into the market and let them know that you fight back.

Filing legal cases against infringers can definitely decrease the level and volume of infringement on a national or international basis.

We enforce on any marketplace that supports a “notice and takedown” legal framework. We work closely with the major marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Alibaba Group etc.

Kindly follow up with us if you want any feedback on a special case you might face.

No. We are no lawyers, but rather support brands and their in-house or external lawyers to get the most out of a case by legal-safe documentation.

Of course - you will receive proper and comprehensive reports based on your requirements.

We are on it continuously and do take action immediately once the infringement is clearly assigned from your side. From there, it may only take a few hours until the content is deleted.

Enforcement goes in-line with nearly all of our services, as it is a major part of most of them.

It includes online monitoring on marketplaces, social media, domain and app monitoring.