Enforcement process

Discover how globaleyez’s enforcement process works and on which marketplaces we enforce your rights.

Marketplaces for which we execute enforcement

We enforce on any marketplace that supports a “notice and takedown” legal framework and look to find solutions with others via their legal contacts. We work closely with major marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Alibaba Group including Lazada, and many more.

Visualisation of enforcement service by globaleyez

Enforcement duration

We take immediate action once you ask us to enforce. From there, depending on the marketplace, it may take from a few hours to 2-3 business days until the content is deleted.

Symbolic image: Enforcement key on a laptop keyboard

Information about the process

You will receive proper and comprehensive reports based on your requirements. We can also provide you with statistics and data we gathered according to your brand’s specific needs.

Brand protection experts working on Enforcement Service using Laptops and a Tablet

globaleyez’s solutions

Since the aim of our monitoring services is the detection and removal of infringing content, enforcement is the logical next step following our marketplaces, social media, domain, image and app monitoring services.

The sales numbers uncovered in the course of our sales tracking service can serve as the basis of calculation for damage payments.

Finally, when we discover any infringing content while running our partner compliance service, enforcement tends to be the final step.

Do we also represent you in court?

No. We don’t provide legal services, but support brands and their in-house or external lawyers to build a strong legal case by creating court-admissible documentation, providing witness statements, and even testifying in court if necessary.