Social Media

Social networks are becoming an ever deeper part of everyone’s lives. Pinterest sells via a buy-button directly. Facebook opens marketplaces. And social media is the biggest cause of internet traffic. We keep your brand in sight and address content that damages your reputation.

Our Social Media Monitoring offers:

  • Tracking of brand pages on Facebook, incl. categorization
  • Monitoring of Facebook marketplaces
  • The removal of content that infringes your intellectual property, including advertising on social media

Social Media Monitoring

It is social media that has changed the way we use the internet and that constantly innovates how we communicate, how we interact and – how we buy!

We at globaleyez drafted a unique approach on the monitoring of social media content with dedicated tools and services – to create a maximum of brand security. This approach includes:

  • Monitoring of advertisements on Facebook and Instagram
  • Check of listings on social media marketplaces (mostly on Facebook) and direct-buy offers on Pinterest or Instagram

Monitoring of Facebook Ads

Getting data directly from the owner is the best, easiest and cheapest way we feel to do things. Not long ago, Facebook launched its „Commerce & Ads IP Tool" that lists marketplace offers and advertisements on Facebook and Instagram related to your brand.

The tool is a great way to monitor sales activities of retailers – and to identify sellers and advertisers of grey or counterfeited products as well. When it comes to infringements of brand or copyright, the IP portal offers the functionality to report the content getting it removed with one click.

Monitoring of marketplace listings and direct-buy

When it comes to sales on Facebook marketplaces – which we believe might soon outpace eBay in terms of volume – the Facebook own portal is the place to be as well. Here, we monitor listings on behalf of our clients and proceed against possibly infringing sales upon request.

Rather new are „buy-buttons“ that currently have been implemented by social media network Pinterest and by Instagram as well. Looking at their images, sellers can integrate the shopping functionality and shoppers can buy instantly and „impulsive“ – as well from sellers that might not sell the real thing.

You are interessted in social media and brand protection? We're looking forward to your call.

Monitoring of Facebook Ads