Sales Tracking

We uncover the secrets about a sellers sales and turnover on online marketplaces. We can identify how much each seller is selling and how much damage this is doing to your brand. We have developed a sales tracking service for Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress to analyse the relevant data and to monitor sales and sellers; in order to build a clear picture of distribution.

Our Sales Tracking Service offers:

  • Monitoring of sales and (merchant-)turnovers on different marketplaces
  • The ability to analyse product categories or market volumes
  • Can be operated in conjunction with test purchases, takedown etc. – based on real insights

Uncover turnovers on marketplaces with your products

Who sells how many products on Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress and what is its value? How much turnover is being made with your product and brand? And which sellers do these sales? If this is of interest for you – we are glad to assist you with figures and insights, as part of our comprehensive online brand protection and online monitoring expertise.

Sales Tracking on Amazon Marketplaces

For many manufacturers and retailers, Amazon marketplaces are a major concern and the growing volume of cross-border-sales (greymarket), distribution of fake merchandise and other issues can only be tackled with reliable information onto the nature of this business. We dig deep into the turnover figures and give you clear insights into these sales. And we help you to address these matters with dedicated actions (e.g. with test purchases or takedowns) in order to decrease the damage done to your brand and sales.

Amazon Sales Tracking
eBay Sales Tracking

What about eBay?

While Amazon seems to win the „eCommerce battle“ in many product categories, eBay is still strong when it comes to automotive, printer cartridges, electronics etc. So – not to underestimate and worth looking deep into what is going on on this marketplace.
We can give you clear hints onto the top sellers of your products and how much sales they are actually doing. And even better, we can look back up to one year and give you a quite full picture with facts and figures.

Get your tracks onto aliexpress

Aliexpress is the marketplace of the Alibaba Group available in quite a many countries of Western and Eastern Europe with dedicated language sites, e.g. in German, Spanish or French. Buyers are not only end consumers but resellers, that buy likely counterfeited products from China to sell them on other marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. globaleyez provides you the information onto sellers, their products and their sales estimates via this platform.

Aliexpress Sales Tracking

Our Sales Tracking – Online Marketplaces offers:

  • The monitoring of sales and turnover on various marketplaces
  • Analysis of product categories and market volumes
  • Further actions like test purchases, takedowns, etc. based on real sales figures