Online Monitoring

What happens to your brand online? Who is selling your products on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba? We monitor the internet for you with strong yet cost-effective brand protection software utilising both text and image searches according to your specific requirements – on Chinese marketplaces as well.

Because we know what is relevant and possible in the online environment. We think outside the box and we don’t get deceived by sheer volume or accept lip service. Put your brand in our hands – online, on marketplaces, in social media and beyond.

Our Online Monitoring offers:

  • Strong software and dedicated managed services
  • Available based on countries, regions or marketplaces
  • Focuses on relevance and sustainable solutions

Monitoring the internet for both – text and images

Online Monitoring and Online Brand Protection for distribution control, greymarket and counterfeit issues

150+ marketplaces wordwide and all search engines with traxster

There are two ways in online brand protection to search the internet: it is either text based – or image based. We do both! To deliver you the best available information, based onto your brands specific needs and issues.

When it comes to text based online monitoring, our digital brand protection solution traxster covers 150+ marketplaces worldwide and crawls the internet for your specific requirements. This results into a comprehensive set of findings, that we steer and evaluate to deliver the most relevant – up to parts number level, if you want.

Your ressources and budgets might not suit to tackle infringements on a worldwide level. With globaleyez you can choose the specific search engines, marketplaces and search terms for your tasks – and only pay for the number of targets actually requested. This allows more flexibility and focus – while saving your budgets and manpower. All sources are available on an ongoing basis so if you do start to get exposure to different markets you can easily add them to your plan.

traxster includes, but is not limited to:

  • sending of takedown notices via our software (e.g. Vero on eBay) if applicable
  • proxy-service-functionality – displayed is what the consumer actually sees
  • specific search terms in countries language
  • display of top sellers on various marketplaces for sales value, ebay turnover, listings
  • comprehensive filtering for sellers, marketplaces, search terms etc.

Where are your images being used or abused?

Pictures tell more than words? Once a while this is true and we can monitor your copyrighted images for use and abuse on the internet with our infrimage solution

Infrimage monitors your images continuously and you will receive a mail-alert with findings. But this is not the only thing:

  • Our comprehensive digital brand protection solution can check for images that might show a specific item of interest
  • Or you might want to know if your authorized retailers use images that are outdated – or that you would like them to include for a certain date
  • We help you in checking this and being compliant

Next to the comprehensive reverse image tool, we’ve developed a Chrome extension that helps you to check images on the internet against your copyrighted ones. With one click, the extension does the image matching against your images stored in our database and creates a file that includes all the information you might need for a DMCA complaint or legal procedures for copyright infringement.