Domain Monitoring

It is easy to register a domain. Actually, too easy. But when your brands name is involved then you should know it, for sure.

We continuously monitor domain registrations on a worldwide scale, including all top level domains, country level and beyond, to ensure proper use of your good name. We then alert you according to your requirements because we want your brand to be safeguarded.

Our Domain Monitoring service offers:

  • Continuous checking of new domain registrations involving your brands name
  • Coverage of gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs worldwide
  • Clustering of results based on your requirements

Monitoring your good name in an ever growing environment

With domain registration becoming easier and easier – the implications for every brand increase.

Are you running a domain monitoring service? Do you know who is acting in, with or against your name? Being aware should be a necessary part of your brand care.

We can monitor your brand name for domain registrations in all the top level and country level domains on a continuous basis. With this basic skill set, we can set up a comprehensive action plan to keep your domain environment in good shape.

We know, who has registered a domain or will find out. Then, we look behind the scenes.

When it comes to GDPR regulation: we have access to a comprehensive set of historical domain data and might shortcut the obligatory data request process installed at many registries.

We design a cluster framework to classify domains with certain processes to fit your requirements (e.g. notify a retailer about compliance issues if he registers domains with your brand name). Tell us about your ideas – and we will find a way to safeguard your brand in today’s domain space.

Fake Shops selling counterfeit goods of your brand? Don’t take it easy!

Meanwhile, many brands are affected by so-called “fake shops“ selling counterfeit products in their name. Very often, these shops look truly appealing, snatching customers with generous discounts. They do not only cheat consumers with confidence in your brand – they steal their credit card details and once a while even personal data, e.g. addresses shared when buying.

We help you to fight back. We have a strong performance record in domain takedown, working close and continuously with all the major players in today’s web backbone, including registries, registrars, hosters, search engines, payment providers and authorities.