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eBay has launched a new shopping platform for affordable trend products


The E-Commerce giant looks set to try and keep up with new additions to the market like Wish

eBay Germany is taking a step towards cornering the millennial market that is dominated by newcomers like the Wish app by launching an innovative new platform called “Catch”. The new platform has taken a bold step towards attracting younger clientele by designing an image-driven platform that follows the popular “tile” format. Only time will tell if the move will be successful for them. We have investigated the new platform to find out more.

When will the platform be arriving?

The Catch platform has actually already been launched in Germany (it was launched on 27th September 2018). Although there are no firm plans for when it will be rolled out to other countries, it looks likely the German platform will be the measure of success they use before deciding where to go in the future.

What will eBay catch look like?

eBay’s decision to launch Catch is linked to their desire to compete with newer shopping platforms like Wish and the rise of social media shopping. To target the younger market, the app exclusively follows the “tile” format that their younger audience is used to on social media sites like Instagram or shopping apps like Wish. This makes the platform incredibly easy to use and products with such visual representation are likely to have a lot higher click-through rates, which will also be desirable to sellers and encourage them to use the platform.

How do I use Catch?

At the current moment, Catch is in beta phase. This means that users can shop via a guest account, in a similar way unregistered users can on the standard eBay site. eBay is working on a comfortable way for users to log in with their existing details or register as new if they have never used the site before.

GDPR is likely to play a huge role in how users can register if they are new and what details they have to submit, as many of the desired audience will be very GDPR conscious.

What is unique about Catch?

eBay catch is very unique in the fact that all of the products are under €20. This is certain to attract the upcoming generation of “bargain” shoppers that the platform is desperate to acquire. eBay is often seen as a shopping platform that solely caters to the second-hand market, but Catch looks set to draw in those who are interested in products like cheap tech gadgets that have come from countries like China and are sold as new.

What products are available?

When browsing the products online, users will be able to draw a parallel with the Wish App. With products on offer like clothing, cut-price gadgets and novelty items, the selection will target the all-important audience from the ages of 18 to 35.

Fun items like pet outfits are as likely to come up on the home screen tiles as electricals and clothing products. eBay has plans to add further elements to the platform, like gamification elements that make the user experience fun and engaging.

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