Domain Monitoring

Domain Monitoring is essential for comprehensive online brand protection. Just look at the following everyday situation to understand its importance: Have you ever tried registering a domain? If so, you might have been amazed by how terribly easy it is with most domain hosts. The costs are very low, no passport is required and if the credentials given seem legit, they hardly ever get second-checked. Under these circumstances, it is very likely that domains are fraudulently registered in your brand’s name.

What we offer

  • Continuous check of new domain registrations involving your brand name
  • Coverage of gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs worldwide
  • Clustering of results based on your requirements

What we do

Our domain monitoring allows you to have a continuous insight into who is using your brand’s name when registering a domain. Furthermore, it helps you to distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ones.

We continuously monitor domain registrations on a worldwide scale, including all top level domains, country level and beyond, to ensure proper use. And if there are domains used for trademark infringements we can enforce your rights and take the domain down.

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Make an ongoing domain monitoring an integral part of your online brand protection efforts and contact us. We are looking forward to keeping your good name in shape in the domain space. We are sure that our expertise, quality, and dedication as brand protection experts will make the difference.

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and answers to questions that you might have regarding our domain monitoring service.

We ongoingly receive notifications from the domain registrars. If a domain is being registered, using all or parts of your brand name, we instantly receive a notification.

With this knowledge we can check who registered it and what the background of the domain might be.

We have access to a comprehensive set of historical domain data and might shortcut the obligatory data request process installed at many registries.

If the domain was registered before March 2019, it is very likely that the whois data is recorded in our database.

Yes, definitely.

We have a long history of fighting fake shops that sell counterfeits of a brand via truly appealing looking websites. We have a strong performance record in domain takedown, working closely and continuously with all the major players in today’s web backbone, including registries, registrars, hosters, search engines, payment providers, and authorities. This will assure that sales do not go to the wrong people and your customers are being safeguarded.

Yes, we of course do this.

So, if you have a domain that is being “cybersquatted” or registered by someone and you need it, we can help you. It actually might be quicker and cheaper if rather we than you as a brand or a lawyer do the job.

This depends on the nature of the domains that we find.

If we uncover someone that is selling products in your name, our marketplace monitoring might be useful. Or we find an address of the registrant of an infringing domain and you might want to know if it is correct. Then we can help out with one of our researchers in 40+ countries that support our test purchase service. Next to this, the enforcement service cares for domain takedowns of infringing domains.