Domain Monitoring

Our domain monitoring service helps you find websites that hurt your brand in any way and provides quick and efficient action to take them out of circulation.

What we offer

  • Continuous check of new domain registrations involving any terms that resemble your brand name
  • Coverage of gTLDs, ngTLDs and ccTLDs worldwide
  • Monitoring on all levels from global to country, from .shop to .pro
  • Searchable domain databases with rankings, analytics, and court-admissible documentation on fraudulent domain registrations
Visualisation of domain monitoring service by globaleyez

What we do

Our domain monitoring allows you to have a continuous insight into who is using your brand’s name or any imaginable version of it when registering a domain.

Our software tools like traxster crawl the internet and create a list of domains that resemble your brand’s name. With careful analytics we separate the harmless and authorized pages from those operated by fraudsters, as well as small timers from big fish. Once we’ve nailed down who to take action against, we can enforce your rights and demand takedown.

One fraudulent domain leads us to the rest of them: our databases can contain the registrant of a specific domain, and all the other domains they’ve ever registered.

Visualisation of software tools for domain monitoring services
Visualisation of  keyword based search for domain monitoring

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If you need continuous domain monitoring as part of your comprehensive brand protection services, globaleyez is here for you.

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and answers to questions that you might have regarding our domain monitoring service.

We have access to a comprehensive set of historical domain data and can shortcut the obligatory data request process installed at many registries.

If the domain was registered before March 2019, it is very likely that the whois data is recorded in our database. For domains registered later than that, we do manual research to find the owner.

Yes. We’ve been successfully enforcing our clients’ rights against authentic-looking webshops that sell counterfeits of our clients’ products. We work in close cooperation with all the major players in this field, including registries, registrars, hosters, search engines, payment providers, and authorities.

Yes. When a domain is cybersquatted, it means that people have purchased it in the hope of selling it on to a brand for a significant profit. Many well-known brands experience this problem. One of our solutions to cybersquatting is a covert domain purchase. This means that we contact the squatters as private individuals and purchase the domain from them for a fraction of the price they would ask from the brand itself.

This depends on the nature of the domains that we find.

If we uncover a seller offering products in your brand’s name, our marketplace monitoring would help us find out more about their activities. To determine if they are counterfeiters or grey marketers and to get court-admissible proof against them, we’d recommend our test purchase service. Finally, our enforcement service ensures the takedown of infringing domains.