Domain monitoring process

Take a peek behind the curtain and find out what globaleyez does to track down the owners of fraudulent domains.


Whois data is the best and fastest way to discover the owner of a domain. We have access to a comprehensive set of historical domain data and can shortcut the obligatory data request process installed at many registries.

If the domain was registered before March 2019, it is very likely that the whois data is recorded in our database. For domains registered later than that, we do manual research to find the owner.

One fraudulent domain leads us to the rest of them: our databases can contain the registrant of a specific domain, and all the other domains they’ve ever registered.

Illustration of whois data and search for domain registrants

globaleyez’s solutions

If we uncover a seller offering products in your brand’s name, our marketplace monitoring would help us find out more about their activities.

To determine if these sellers are counterfeiters or grey marketers and to get court-admissible proof against them, we’d recommend our test purchase service.

Finally, our enforcement service ensures the takedown of infringing domains.