globaleyez DASH

globaleyez DASH is more than just a board. It’s a tracking tool that provides you with an overview and extensive filterable data about your test purchases at globaleyez.

What is globaleyez DASH

globaleyez DASH is an online tracking tool with a very user-friendly interface that quickly provides you with all the relevant data and keeps you updated about the test purchases globaleyez is doing for your brand.

How does it work

Right after your test purchase request, your dedicated brand protection expert reaches out to our researcher in the field to make the purchase and documents it in globaleyez DASH.

You’ll be able to check the progress of your test purchase and pull up dynamic data about all of your active and past test purchases with globaleyez.

DASH online tracking tool by globaleyez
DASH online tracking tool by globaleyez

Why use globaleyez DASH

Cost overview

Cost overview filter options of DASH
Cost overview filter options of DASH

globaleyez DASH gives you an overview about the shipping and item costs of your test purchases.

Flexible data

Illustration of filter options on DASH
Illustration of filter options on DASH

With globaleyez DASH, you’ll be able to review all the important information relating to your test purchases, including:

- location

- sellers

- products

- costs (both item and shipping)

- status

- etc.

Thanks to the extensive filters, you can choose to view as much or as little as you need.

Transparency of process

Visualisation of active test purchases that can be tracked in DASH
Visualisation of active test purchases that can be tracked in DASH

globaleyez DASH provides more transparency to the test purchase process.

You can track your active test purchases and regard data from earlier ones with just a few simple clicks.

All the important information is there, including the case number, country, location, even a link to the webshop we purchased from.

Any questions?

Find here further detailed information regarding globaleyez DASH.

globaleyez DASH is our Test Purchase tool that helps you track your requests from the very beginning when you place your order until it is completely finalized.

If you're interested in tracking your test purchase requests, contact our globaleyez DASH team that will send you an invitation email. Accept the invitation, choose your password, sign in and you are ready to check your orders.

globaleyez DASH provides you with the opportunity to overview your entire Test Purchase process including costs and focus on marketplaces, sellers and countries. You are able to track single Test Purchases and filter for detailed information within a certain time range.

It offers you transparency and planning security.

Once logged into globaleyez DASH, you are able to overview the item and shipping costs as well as the amount of products purchased in different countries within a selected time range. Furthermore, you see the information on the exact status of every order within the respective time range.

The statuses shown in globaleyez DASH are based on the actual Test Purchase process:

Open: Once you share your request with us, we enter the order into globaleyez DASH and give out the respective briefing for the Test Purchase.

Pending: The Test Purchase has been initiated, i.e. the product in question has been ordered. During the ‘pending’ period it is ordered, then starts its way to our researcher or our offices.

Closed: The product in question has been delivered to our offices and we already gathered all the required information for you. The Test purchase is finalized.

After logging into globaleyez DASH you select the time range you’re interested in.

The first line of cards will provide you with information on the main numbers, i.e. “Spendings total” (product + shipping costs), “Items total”, “Item costs” and “Shipping costs”.

The second line of cards shows you the number of orders placed, updated and finalized during the selected time range followed by the different statuses of the orders.

First, you can see the overview tables containing information about the costs spent and the amount of items purchased in the respective countries within the selected time range.

Then you reach the detailed overview table where all the information on every order is gathered.

  • If you wish for specific information you have the possibility to filter for it based on order and case numbers / marketplaces / sellers / status.
  • If you are interested in information on a particular order, click on the order number and get to the detailed view that provides you with details on the order including location, purchased products, date of purchase and the links to the seller / marketplace and the respective product listing.

In order to filter for the required results, click on the title in the headline and enter the search term in question into the respective column.

You can use several filters at the same time.

In order to get back to the general overview table you have to “unset” the filter(s).

Click on “Orders” on the top left of the order details page.

Click on your name or icon in the bottom left of the overview page. There you can change your email address and your password.