globaleyez DASH

Keep an overview of all your test purchases easily and conveniently with globaleyez DASH, our tracking tool with extensive and filterable data on your test purchases at globaleyez.

Your benefits

  • Transparency
  • Reliable planning
  • Cost overview
  • Intuitive design
globaleyez DASH tool on a tablet

1. What is globaleyez DASH

globaleyez DASH is a software tool that keeps you informed about all processes and costs regarding your test purchases at globaleyez.

The user-friendly design of globaleyez DASH gives you a convenient overview of relevant data on all your ongoing and completed test purchases. Extensive filter options are available so that you can track and plan your test purchases individually.

2. Real-time test purchase data

As soon as we start processing your test purchases, our brand protection experts enter all relevant data for you in globaleyez DASH and update it in real time.

You can view the status of your test purchases at any time and also receive detailed information as soon as we have it. globaleyez DASH enables you to process your test purchases quickly and easily.

3. Overview of your test purchases

You will receive the following information at a glance:

  • Your general expenditure
  • The number of all products purchased
  • The total of all item and shipping costs
  • The total of all orders
  • Costs and number of products broken down by country
  • Detailed list of all test purchases with order and case number, country, marketplace, shop, items and shipping total, individual products and status
Illustration of filter options on DASH
Image of globaleyez DASH

Filter options

You can filter your overview on globaleyez DASH at any time to display only the information that is relevant to you. For example, filter all test purchase data by order and case numbers / countries / marketplaces / shops / products / items total/ shipping total / sellers / status.

You can also use multiple filters at the same time and easily remove set filters so you can view and track your data individually.

4. Details on test purchases

If you would like to view more specific data on a test purchase, you can do so conveniently by clicking on the respective order number.

The detailed view will give you:

  • Order and case number
  • Country, status and specification of the product
  • Seller, shop, marketplace and location + links to the seller/marketplace
  • Detailed information on the respective purchased products
Image of detailed view of test purchase data