AliExpress cracks on Europe - Part 3

Do legit vendors sell authentic products?

Have you followed our blog series about AliExpress cracking on Europe (see here and here)? Then we still owe you the end of the story. 

With our test purchase, we could prove that sellers from the EU, who are meanwhile entering the AliExpress marketplace, appear trustworthy and seem to sell authentic products. Although,of course, one purchase can not be representative for all sellers. 

To obtain further proof, we requested a return and a refund through the AliExpress marketplace system, which went fine. However, it took the seller quite some time - 3 days in total - to settle the agreement for this and even longer to provide us with the return address. It worked, but evidently, there is still a big gap that AliExpress and its sellers will have to bridge in order to meet standards that were set by customer-centric marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.

Here’s to hoping that the refund won’t take much longer :)

We will follow the rising volume of European sellers offering their products on AliExpress closely and for sure will keep our blog and you updated. 

(AliExpress Help Center; Source: AliExpress)

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