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April Fools goes Fake

How the Fake Ryan Gosling Fooled Thousands


A lot of fashion-conscious people pride themselves on being able to spot a fake. Hints in the way the item is stitched, incorrect logos and other minor differences often give the game away to those who know what they are looking for. But what happened at 2017 awards show when a very convincing Ryan Gosling showed up? Were people fooled? Did other celebrities take the bait?

Where did the prank come from?

The idea to send a fake Ryan Gosling to an awards ceremony was part of the Joko vs. Klaas —The Battle Around the World. The great thing about this prank was that the award shows producers were none the wiser. The producers of the prank show somehow managed to genuinely convince the Golden Camera Awards that Ryan Gosling really WOULD BE in attendance. The presenter, who was visibly not in on the act, even managed to make the situation ten times funnier by announcing him as “the one and only” Ryan Gosling. Needless to say, when he took the stage, there were some shocking and funny reactions. 

One of the reasons this ended up being so believable is that the pranksters set up a fake booking agency called Conrad, Hertz & Gravemann. The booking agency had its own domain and telephone number. This incident doesn’t just highlight something of comical value to the entertainers: it is also a reminder of how easy it is to fake domains and other basic details. No one investigated further and found the agency to be fake. If this can happen on such a grand scale, imagine how much it happens in day to day life?

Did anyone fall for it?

The hoax seemed to work right up until the point the fake Ryan Gosling took to the stage. If there are a group of people that are going to recognize celebrities, it’s the other celebrities.The fact that they still managed to get the fake Ryan Gosling to the point of going on stage is commendable though. It just goes to show how easy it is to fool people with fakes, especially if they are not well-trained to know what they are looking for.

Now imagine how much easier it is to fake a product than it is to fake a celebrity? Following a similar method, all fraudsters would need to do to convince people their goods were legitimate would be to set-up a company online similar to the fake booking agency. Imagine a product like handbags. Brands like Goyard, Celine, Mulberry etc. all let authorized re-sellers sell their brands. Would you know if a re-seller was fake? More to the point would you know if your brand had become a victim to this?

Had someone checked for the legitimacy of the details building up to the event like the domain, website and so on and so forth, the prank wouldn’t have been successful. 

At globaleyez, we may not be able to help you identify counterfeit people like Mr. Fake Gosling here, but we can certainly help you find counterfeits of your products and services by the effective domain monitoringonline brand protection and deep research services we provide. 

So, happy 1st of April – and do not get duped!

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