App Monitoring

What’s going on with your brand and business in the app universe? Providing apps for mobile devices has become an entirely separate sphere of digital content and commerce and therefore should not be left out in a sophisticated online brand protection approach for companies that are exposed to the app world’s risks.

What we offer

  • Monitoring of apps in Apple App Store, Google Play and more than 30 other app stores
  • Enforcement against and takedown of infringing apps
  • In-depth review of apps regarding developer, publisher, content, and behaviour
  • Monitoring of earlier app versions and takedowns if requested

What we do

Do you feel that not all the apps available in an ever-growing app universe have your consent, are not compliant, or even misusing your IP assets?

Most likely, you are absolutely right!

We continuously monitor up to 30 more app stores tailored to your needs, e.g. in China or Russia. All of these are heavily used by consumers and are exposed to risks such as impersonation issues, data breaches, or trademark misuse.


Discover our latest industry insights on the subject of our app monitoring service and get exciting insights into the daily business of globaleyez, interesting and informative case studies, the world of global online marketplaces and much more. . .

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Make a continuous app monitoring an integral part of your digital brand protection efforts. Contact us and we take care that your brand stays safe on mobile devices. We are sure that our expertise, quality and dedication as brand protection experts will make the difference.

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and answers to questions that you might have regarding our app monitoring service.

Next to the renown Apple app store and Google play, we cover up to 30 other app stores, mainly with a regional profile.

In countries like Russia or China, many app integrations that are hardly known in Western countries, e.g.Wechat, are regionally widespread and successful. Stores like Wechat are not limited to one operating system. Additionally to these, we cover app stores from manufacturers and special interest ones, e.g. app stores offering outdated app versions.

If you are interested to look into this field of digital brand protection kindly request a list of app stores covered.

It may be hard to imagine how this can increase the value of your brand. However, there are many scenarios that might harm your brand and its reputation:

Fraudsters setting up an app in the name of your brand and asking its users for legal documents as verification endanger your customers’ safety.

Unauthorized games and wallpapers will shape the image of your brand in a negative way. Older versions of your own apps that are still available on third-party app-stores may pose a security risk.

Additionally, sales on mobile devices are on the rise as well. After a joint risk assessment, we will provide you with the right strategy to protect your brand assets!

We understand the necessity to act quickly whenever finding a fraudulent app. Due to our good relations with several marketplaces we are quick and reliable when it comes to the removal of apps.

Furthermore, if you feel that you can get a grip on a specific target we deliver further information including download figures, developer, and publication date to support your legal proceedings.

All of this will be documented in a legally safe way to enable you shaping the digital face of your brand in the app world.

Our app monitoring service will be customized for your brand after a quick assessment concerning your needs. We may add or remove app stores from our watchlist and can look for key terms within app titles or their descriptions. At the same time we can use block words.

You will get full ability to mark authorized developers and we’ll exclude these from the search. Images, developers and download counts will be shown and you will be able to flag apps as illegal to have them removed by us. We will provide you log-in data to our portal and a short training.

With these tools you’re all set: Start taking control of your part of the app universe!

We know that it sometimes will be necessary to get access to certain applications in order to define whether the content is problematic or even illegal.

Therefore, we have established test purchase services just like for physical products here as well. Purchases can be completed within seconds and we will give you detailed insights and access to these apps.