App Monitoring

Our service covers 30+ major and minor app stores to find and act against fraudsters who use your brand’s IP in their apps to steal your revenue.

What we offer

  • Continuous app monitoring in 30+ app stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Exportable data and in-depth analysis of app developer, content and functions
  • Monitoring of earlier app versions to prevent the spread of vulnerabilities
  • Quick and effective takedowns
Visualisation of App Monitoring Service by globaleyez

What we do

We monitor apps in over 30 major and minor app stores to discover fraudsters who use your brand imagery to sell their apps to consumers, or even worse: exploit your trusted brand name to steal the private data of users.

Our powerful software tool scans the chosen app stores for keywords embedded in app names and descriptions. With extensive filters, our online brand protection experts quickly separate authorized and harmless apps from dangerous ones and propose further action, like a test purchase or a takedown.

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Brand protection experts working on App Monitoring Service using a Tablet and a Smartphone

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Any questions?

Find here further detailed information and answers to questions that you might have regarding our app monitoring service.

We cover all major app stores like Google Play and the Apple App store along with many minor stores, mainly with a regional profile. Regional app stores in Russia or China have a wide reach in their region where copyright infringing apps may regularly surface. We tailor the selection of app stores to monitor to each of our clients’ unique requirements.

If you want to know more, kindly request a full list of app stores covered.

Even if your brand doesn’t produce apps, copyright infringement may still pose a threat for you in app stores. Fraudsters can set up an app in your brand’s name and ask its users for legal documents or financial data that endangers your customers’ safety.

Unauthorized games and wallpapers can show your brand in a negative light. Or even older versions of your own apps can pose a security risk.

App monitoring is necessary if you want to keep your brand’s assets and your customers’ data safe.

The sooner an infringing app is removed the better. Due to our good relations with several app stores we offer a quick and reliable enforcement service.

At your request we can compile a full report of our findings complete with download figures, developer, and publication date to support your legal proceedings.

After a thorough assessment of your brand’s unique situation, we tailor our app monitoring service to your exact needs. We may add or remove app stores from our watchlist and look for key terms within app titles or their descriptions.

You can mark authorized developers and we’ll exclude these from the search. Images, developers and download counts will be shown and you will be able to flag apps as illegal to have them removed by us.

Sometimes it’s necessary to get access to an app in order to define whether the content is problematic or even illegal.

Therefore, we have established test purchase services in app stores just like in the case of physical products. Purchases can be completed within seconds and we will give you detailed insights and access to these apps.

App monitoring is an excellent addition to our extensive marketplace monitoring and social media monitoring services. In addition, as we mentioned before, app monitoring is often paired with our enforcement and test purchase services.