App Monitoring

With effective app monitoring from globaleyez, you can effortlessly detect and remove IP violations from the app stores of this world and specifically ensure the security of your own apps.

Your benefits

  • Continuous app monitoring of over 30 app stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Exportable data and in-depth analyses of app developers, content and functions
  • Monitoring of outdated app versions for a consistent and secure presence of your company
  • Fast and effective takedowns
Image of an App Store on a tablet

1. App Stores

With app monitoring from globaleyez, you can identify trademark violations, copyright infringements or the unlawful use of IP-protected material in over 30 app stores worldwide.

We cover all major app stores such as Google Play and the Apple App Store as well as many smaller stores available regionally.

We especially recommend monitoring regional app stores in countries like Russia or China, because they have a large reach in their region and infringing apps regularly appear on them.

2. Extensive App Monitoring

Benefit from automated keyword-based monitoring of, among other things:

  • Unauthorised games and Wallpapers
  • Phishing versions of official apps
  • Unauthorised developers
  • Contractors acting without your permission
  • Up-to-date versions of your apps with regard to security vulnerabilities and CI compliance

✂ Tailor-made Monitoring

We would be happy to create a tailored app monitoring solution with the most relevant app stores for you. We are always able to add further app stores to our monitoring that are suitable for your needs.

You can exclude authorised developers from the search at any time. Images, developer names and download numbers are clearly displayed and you can mark apps as illegal so that we can remove them from the app stores.

✎ We are here for you

To support your legal steps, we create a complete report of our results with download numbers, developers and publication date on request.

In addition to the results of the automated app monitoring, our trained brand protection experts conduct their own in-depth research work in the app stores. Among other things, we try to determine the developer's real name or company, its reach and possible further distribution channels.

3. Documentation

On request, we document every app, seller profiles and all other relevant evidence for you with screenshots that can be used in court, including a digital time stamp.

For this purpose, we have developed our screenshot tool screenseal, which is also available for your own use in the Google Chrome Store.

Time stamp created by screenseal, the Google Chrome extension from globaleyez
Image of smartphone and tablet apps

4. Our offer for your brand

Make globaleyez your partner for online brand protection and benefit from our app monitoring for your brand:

  • Monitoring of over 30 app stores worldwide
  • Automated monitoring of different types of apps based on keywords
  • Monitoring and evaluation of both unauthorised developers and contractors acting without your permission
  • Monitoring of replicated, phishing versions of official apps
  • Monitoring of the most recent versions of your apps to identify security vulnerabilities and for a consistent corporate identity
  • Quick and easy takedowns or comprehensive enforcement programmes

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