App Monitoring process

Find out how we monitor app stores for your brand and how it fits into the world of our services.

How we work

After a thorough assessment of your brand’s unique situation, we tailor our app monitoring service to your exact needs. We may add or remove app stores from our watchlist and look for key terms within app titles or their descriptions.

At your request we can compile a full report of our findings complete with download figures, developer, and publication date to support your legal proceedings.

You can mark authorized developers and we’ll exclude these from the search. Images, developers and download counts will be shown and you will be able to flag apps as illegal to have them removed by us.

Image of smartphone and tablet apps

globaleyez’s solutions

Sometimes it’s necessary to get access to an app in order to define whether the content is problematic or even illegal.

Therefore, we have established test purchase services in app stores just like in the case of physical products. Purchases can be completed within seconds and we will give you detailed insights and access to these apps.

App monitoring is an excellent addition to our extensive marketplace monitoring and social media monitoring services.