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Amazon still notorious

Various Amazon domains have made it to the list of notorious marketplaces again. While Amazon takes some action against counterfeiting, its measures are considered weak and insufficient. Expert online brand protection services are inevitable for effective defense against counterfeiting and grey marketing.

Update as of spring 2022:

The 2021 annual Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy reassessed the market and found that right holders no longer face significant challenges on Amazon domains. Therefore, the USTR removed Amazon altogether from this year’s report.

We at globaleyez are very glad that the massively popular Amazon domains have become safer for brands and customers alike, and continue to work together with the marketplace to further diminish harmful IP infringing listings. We hope that this positive trend will continue and that Amazon won’t find itself back on the list of notorious markets.

Several international Amazon domains were listed in the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy for the second time in a row. According to the report, copyright holders face serious challenges on Amazon.de, .it, .fr, .es, and .co.uk because of counterfeiting and piracy.

The issue is not new. As we have already reported on it, US trade groups were calling for several Amazon domains to be included on the list back in 2019. The USTR complied, and various Amazon international domains were put on the list in the following year.

However, in that report, the amazon.ca, .co.uk, .de, .fr, and .in domains were mentioned, while this year .ca and .in were dropped and .es and .it made it to the list for the first time.

The report names several serious issues that copyright holders need Amazon to address. For example, seller information is often misleading to the extent that consumers can’t identify the seller of a product.

Also, Amazon doesn’t vet its sellers enough, which may result in the presence of counterfeiters and grey marketers on the platform. In addition, some right holders may find Amazon’s counterfeit removal processes confusing.

Luckily, right holders don’t have to do it alone. Our online brand protection experts at globaleyez have an excellent working relationship with Amazon, which ensures swift and effective action when it comes to takedowns.

Our cooperation with Amazon is excellent. Based on their brand protection system, we can ensure fast and easy action against copyright infringers and receive helpful feedback from Amazon.

- Philip, Project Manager at globaleyez

We have dedicated contact people on Amazon’s team who react to our comments and removal requests timely and effectively. Thanks to the swift action our cooperation ensures, one of our clients now has the lowest number of copyright infringing products in their industry on amazon.de.

I like that we can also report products if they violate guidelines other than trademark law, e.g. the electrical appliances act.

- Felix, Project Manager at globaleyez

Understandably, Amazon is less than happy to be on the list at all. (The company’s statement claims that the domains were listed due to personal reasons, namely the Trump Administration’s dislike of Amazon-boss Jeff Bezos). The company claims they’ve done “more to fight counterfeit [goods] than any other private entity.”

As examples, Amazon names blocking over six billion suspicious listings even before publication, offering various brand protection tools, and cooperating with law enforcement by sharing information on suspected counterfeiters.

The USTR report does acknowledge Amazon’s willingness to cooperate with law enforcement, especially in terms of trying to prevent counterfeits from entering the US. However, the report also states that the company’s brand protection program should be more “scalable, transparent, and most importantly, effective.”

For scalable, transparent, and most importantly, effective online brand protection, reach out to globaleyez!

Notoriously counterfeit

In Amazon’s defense, fighting against counterfeits is more difficult than it sounds. After all, counterfeiters are getting more and more cunning in their operations. For companies not specializing in online brand protection, telling a counterfeit product listing from a genuine one isn’t easy. And that’s just one of the demanding tasks an effective brand protection program requires.

Government entities, like the USTR and the European Union take up the fight by various measures, including publishing lists of notorious markets to raise awareness to the ever growing phenomenon of counterfeiting. Counterfeits harm brands, consumers, and governments alike, causing loss of revenue, trust, and sometimes even bodily harm to unsuspecting users.

This is why globaleyez’s online brand protection experts are dedicated to fighting counterfeits. We work together with various marketplaces, including Amazon, to eliminate counterfeits from the platforms. Our services provide a comprehensive, 360° approach that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your brand.


Our monitoring services cover all potential spots where a brand may be harmed by counterfeiting and other serious issues, including grey marketing. We monitor marketplaces, domains, images, social media, and even apps to find and eliminate threats against your brand.

Once the threats are identified, we work closely with marketplaces to ensure that offending listings are taken down as soon as possible.

Sales tracking

globaleyez’s marketplace sales tracking service paints a clear image of the turnover of sellers on a given marketplace. You’ll quickly learn which sellers are offering your product and how much money they make through it. Marketplace sales tracking is essential for separating the big fish from small timers, orienting us toward sellers that cause your brand the most harm.

Test purchases

Test purchasing is an immensely helpful online brand protection tool for uncovering counterfeiters and grey marketers. globaleyez conducts test purchases to determine the origin and genuinity of a product, the identity of sellers, the way shipping is handled, and much more. Our test purchases provide us with tangible proof about threats to your brand.

All our services are accompanied by rigorous documentation that is admissible in court. This means that if you choose to sue counterfeiters or others who have illegally harmed your brand, globaleyez will provide you with all the proof you need to win your case.

The naughty corner of marketplaces

Securing a spot on the USTR’s list definitely guarantees the spotlight for marketplaces. However, this is not the kind of spotlight a marketplace wants to bask in. While the majority of consumers may not be aware of the existence of the list, and would click “buy” anyway when an ad for a $5 Gucci dress comes their way, the USTR document certainly focuses the attention of authorities on the marketplaces listed.

And the attention of online brand protection experts as well.

We have our eyes on notorious marketplaces (and all others) to detect any activity harming our clients’ brands. We’ve even reported on the better known notorious marketplaces to help raise awareness among brands. Amazon and Shopee are regular guests on our blog, as well as other marketplaces not (yet) featured on the list like Wish, Aliexpress, eBay, and many others.

Counterfeits and grey marketers can slip into any marketplace, not just the notorious ones. This poses dangers that brands often don’t even consider. Unknown threats can chip away at a brand’s revenue and reputation for a long time, causing unmeasurable, sometimes even irreversible harm.

Therefore, it’s important that brands educate themselves on the threats and put comprehensive online brand protection services by dedicated experts in place to defend themselves from loss of revenue, image, and trust.

Contact us and find out how globaleyez can help you protect your brand.

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