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AliExpress cracks on Europe - Part 2

Did we receive an authentic product?


We recently debuted an article series in which we put popular marketplaces to the test! Alibaba have recently made a number of moves that indicate that they are trying to take on their main competitor in Europe - Amazon. The amount of sellers trading in European countries has increased quickly, so the main purpose of our investigation was to check if the goods offered on AliExpress are legitimate.

Putting AliExpress to the globaleyez test

With AliExpress looking to increase their presence in Europe, we wanted to get the full picture of the end-to-end process. Can shops on AliExpress claiming to be situated in Europe be trusted to deliver an authentic product in the advertised condition?

As you will remember from our previous article, we set up a test purchase using popular Adidas trainers. But what did we actually get? Did the product arrive within the specified timeframe?

(We received the Adidas trainers and they looked quite authentic)

(The bottom of the shoe also looked real)

(The inside of the shoes seemed to carry the authentic label)

How long did it take for the product to arrive?

It took the product 3 days to arrive, just as specified by the seller. Although this would suggest that it did not travel far, there are easy ways to manipulate an item’s location - so much so that eBay have recently made a point of putting in measures to stop this happening on their platform.

We wanted to investigate the origin of the product, because if the product had been disguised as an Italian product, but in reality had been shipped from China, it would have been a subject to customs tax. The delivery process is part of what we track, because a seller could potentially deliver from another address.

Did we receive a legitimate product?

The product appears legitimate on the surface and the packaging looked real . Selling counterfeits in the country of purchase, Italy, is harder than in China.

Knowing a product’s origin is an important clue when determining in whether the product is authentic or not. 

Did we get any information on the product’s origins?

We didn’t receive any information on where the product was shipped from, it is alarming that  there was no return address included in the parcel, and we struggled to find information about the seller. We will be asking for a refund.

Did we receive any further information from the seller?

No - we received nothing further from the seller. Ideally, we would have been given at least basic information.

We’ll review the returns process in our third and final article in this series to investigate whether the shop sticks to its returns policy. 

After reading this article, you would be right when worrying about your products being sold on marketplaces such as AliExpress. If you are a company with branded products, it is vital that you start to think about your digital brand protection.

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