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Airyclub is tacking off

Another tile format shopping app storms SEA


Shopping app startups and South East Asia almost come hand in hand over the last 18 months. Almost all the SEA shopping platforms that have become hugely successful like Lazada and Wish are generating a lot of press, funding and attention. But there are websites like Airyclub, based in Hong Kong, who have been quietly building their empire. And by offering free shipping worldwide, it looks like they are slowly undermining their big competitors. Originating in Hong Kong, Airyclub is a mobile-first shopping platform much like Shopee.

The Airyclub app is available to download on both Android and iPhone devices.

What is Airyclub?

Airyclub is a customer focused shopping platform that started in Hong Kong. Like many of their competitors, namely, Wish, Lazada, Tokopedia etc, they follow the popular format of using tiles on their web pages.. This format emulates many of the social networks used by millennials which are considered to be the audience with the highest return on ad spend. They accept several different payment methods including Paypal. They also run “flash sales” like similar platforms, which gives customers the opportunity to benefit from huge discounts over certain time periods.

What does the future hold for them?

Airyclub still seems to be relatively new. There isn’t a lot of information about them on the internet. Their “about us” page doesn’t give enough information and their social media channels appear to have only been started in January.

(Airyclub looks like they under-cut even Wish at the moment which is significantly cheaper)

(Airyclub doesn’t have great reviews)

What are the issues with Airyclub?

At the moment the company seem to have terrible reviews online. Whether this is due to legitimate teething problems or not is something that remains to be seen. Free worldwide delivery seems to be a stretch, especially if you consider the amount of countries they are purporting to deliver to.

Another concern around the website is the prices of the products. Some of the prices are far too good to be true, for instance, a sofa for £23. Due to the fact that they are so new, there are not a lot of terms and conditions available on their site. They do have a refund policy and terms and conditions but they are not as robust as say, larger companies like eBay

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