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globaleyez offers comprehensive solutions to serious issues like IP infringements, distribution control and marketplace sales analytics. Our services are highly scalable and tailor-made to fit each brand’s unique brand protection needs and requirements. Read on to discover what we offer.

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Test Purchase

Choose our test purchases in 50+ countries conducted with comprehensive documentation.

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Marketplace Monitoring

Keep your branded products in sight on 150+ online marketplaces worldwide.

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Domain Monitoring

Discover who is using your brand's name or any version of it in their domain.

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Image Monitoring

Continuously detect who uses your brand imagery without your consent online.

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Social Media Monitoring

Learn which of your products are sold on the most popular social media platforms.

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App Monitoring

Discover if anybody is offering outdated versions of your app and whether your IP rights are safe in 30+ app stores.

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Sales Tracking

Gain turnover and sales insights for your brand on global marketplaces.

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Partner Compliance

Make sure authorised brand partners comply with their contracts.

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Enforce your rights on the entire online sales infrastructure.

News from globaleyez

infrimage is getting a facelift!

From now on, easy new options will make managing your image monitoring service even more simple and seamless.

Discover infrimage's new features now.

From now on you can easily take screenshots with court-admissible timestamps with our new Google Chrome extension screenseal!

Get the globaleyez screenseal Google Chrome extension now and test the free version!

Find out more about screenseal

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